Sygma digital electric towel rails

The Sygma towel rails are a competitively priced digital heating solution with 24/7 programming, exclusively for contractors (only available for projects).

Exclusive range for contractors only.

The Sygma towel rail surrounds your bathroom with comfortable, even and efficient heat. Suitable for domestic and residential properties, this exclusive range is designed with modern touches and energy-saving features to avoid excessive consumption.


Exclusively for contractors only, with the Sygma range you will benefit from greater energy efficiency through a high-quality product at an unbeatable price.


100% European components.

Manufactured from high-quality steel, this practical and stylish heated towel rail boasts optimum power output utilising high thermal transfer fluid.


The control panel is manufactured using fire-retardant polycarbonate and with additives to prevent colour degradation.


Designed with modern lines and easy to install wall anchors close to the body, the Sygma towel rails will harmonise with the rest of your fixtures to improve the visual impact of your bathroom.


Optimal viewing from any angle.

All Rointe Sygma towel rails include a high contrast 1.77″ TFT screen,  so users can see their consumption and programming easily.


With a compact keypad and optimal viewing from any angle, these towel rails are ideal for any bathroom.


Exclusive functions that help you save.

All Rointe towel rails include energy-saving features that help you reduce consumption, such as Open Windows.


This function is activated when the product probe detects a decrease in ambient temperature of at least 4°C within a 30 minute time period. It then automatically activates the Anti-frost mode for a period of 2 hours, preventing excessive consumption.


Exclusive 2 hour boost function that activates your towel rail to maximum power for 2 hours. Your bathroom will reach maximum comfort in a short period of time.

Class II protection

All Rointe towel rails have Class II protection (double insulation). They do not require grounding when installed, as the Class II protection ensures sufficient insulation.

24/7 programming

The Sygma towel rails are programmable 24 hours, 7 days a week from the easy to use control panel or the Basic Control remote.

Extended guarantees

Customer satisfaction is important to us. That's why Rointe towel rails
include 10 years guarantee on the steel body and 2 years on electronic components.


Programming at the touch of a button.

The Sygma towel rails include access to the new editable pre-installed programs from the Kyros range, via the BASIC Control remote, so you can quickly choose the program that best suits your heating needs.


It’s ideal for those who wish to control their system easily and without complications, by applying pre-installed programs that avoid having to invest time programming the product.


The pre-installed programs are ready for use, and are 100% customisable. All you need is the BASIC Control remote (sold separately) to access.


For everyday lives. Programming includes Comfort mode during the early morning and evening, but Eco mode when you leave for work.


Designed for workers on split shifts or those that come and go throughout the day.


The heating system keeps a stable temperature throughout the day. Ideal for the elderly and people who spend the majority of their time at home.


Ideal for businesses and offices where most activities are carried out during the working week.

Technical specifications.

Dimensions, characteristics, electronics, communication, functions, installation, safety & regulations

Width x height (with panel) x depth x installed depth

030 | 500 mm x 900 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm
050 | 500 mm x 1,300 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm
075 | 500 mm x 1,700 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm
100 | 500 mm x 1,900 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm

Armoured steel heating elements
Slightly curved design
Material: High quality steel
Biodegradable high heat transfer mineral thermal oil
Weight: from 11 to 28 kg
White RAL 9016 | Chrome
Nominal power:
White: 300W to 1,000W
Chrome: 300W to 750W

Voltage: 230 V ~

White: from 1.3 A to 3.26 A
Chrome: from 1.3 A to 2.61 A

Resistance: Class II protection
Control panel with compact keypad
1.77" TFT screen
Infrared communication
Compatible with BASIC Control remote
2 hour boost function
Anti-frost / Comfort / Eco / User mode
Manual / Automatic function
Open Windows function
24/7 programming
Adjust screen brightness
Nominal and effective power
Easy to install
Wall mounted
Installed depth: 100 mm
Patented anchor system
Template & installation kit included
Safety & regulations
Safety thermostat
IP44 protection grade
2004/108/CE Electromagnetic comp.
2006/95/CE Low voltage directive
Lot20 compliant (UE 2015/1188 ECODESIGN ERP)
Guarantee: 10 years on steel body + 2 years on electronics
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Not available online. If you are a contractor or have a large scale project, please contact us to discuss if the Sygma range meets your needs.