Water Heater Accessories

These water heater accessories provide a safe installation of your hot water heating: the installation kits ensure compliance for unvented domestic water heaters, the support tripod provides stability for larger models and the mixing valve minimises heat loss.

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Water Heater Accessories

Rointe offers a range of accessories that are designed to complement their hot water heating systems.

  1. Installation Kits: Containing expansion vessels, pressure-reducing valves and tundish. These kits include the necessary fittings and connections for unvented water heater installations by a competent professional.
  2. Thermostatic Mixing Valves: Installed at the hot water outlet of Rointe unvented water heaters, the thermostatic mixing valve allows mixing with cold water from the supply network. The resulting mixed water is transported at a lower temperature, saving energy by minimising heat loss through the pipework.
  3. Support tripod: An easy-to-mount metal tripod, which is designed for the 150L Rome WiFi unvented domestic water heaters. It supports the water tank for stability when it is 100% full. Its installation is highly recommended where wall fixing is not sufficient or cannot guarantee the stability of the tank.


Overall, Rointe’s water heater accessories are designed to enhance the efficiency of their water heating systems, as well as provide a secure and safe installation.