Rointe Belize basic WiFi electric radiators are our latest slim line heaters, providing an affordable and efficient heating system, manufactured with high quality.

Rointe aluminium oil filled Belize basic wifi radiator in white wall mounted in living room

Affordable electric heaters with WiFi.

The Belize WiFi radiator combines the best features from the D Series and Kyros radiators to provide an efficient digital electric heater that’s economical, stylish and helps reduce your heating costs. Plus the exclusive built-in WiFi module allows you to control from your smartphone, tablet or PC anytime, anywhere.

Rointe Belize 3 element wifi aluminium oil filled radiator in white

Belize 330 W

3 elements

Rointe Belize 5 element wifi aluminium oil filled radiator in white

Belize 550 W

5 elements

Rointe Belize 7 element wifi aluminium oil filled radiator in white

Belize 770 W

7 elements

Rointe Belize 9 element wifi aluminium oil filled radiator in white

Belize 990 W

9 elements

Rointe Belize 11 element wifi aluminium oil filled radiator in white

Belize 1210 W

11 elements

Rointe Belize 13 element wifi aluminium oil filled radiator in white

Belize 1430 W

13 elements

Rointe Belize 15 element wifi aluminium oil filled radiator in white

Belize 1600 W

15 elements

Advanced efficiency technology

Patented technology that optimises the energy consumption of Belize radiators to increase your energy savings without affecting comfort.

A non-consumption coefficient of 60% of the nominal power is achieved.

Control by smartphone

Complete control over your Belize electric radiators 24/7 through your smartphone or tablet using the Rointe Connect app.

Available for iOS and Android devices.

Consumption meter

The integrated TRUE REAL POWER meter in the radiator electronics collects and sends information on the real energy consumption of your product to the Rointe Connect app for effective energy management.

Product guarantees

Customer satisfaction is important to us. That's why our Belize WiFi radiators include 10 years guarantee on the aluminium body and 3 years on electronic components.

Rointe wall mounted aluminium oil filled radiators


High purity aluminium & touch control.

Belize electric radiators are a step ahead of their competitors in terms of style and design.


The high-purity aluminium body with straight-edged fins and top touch control panel ensures this slimline radiator will fit into any home or room with ease.


The design features top dissipation openings to promote natural convection, which together with its high heat transfer thermal oil allows thermally stable room temperatures and faster heat-up times.


The high purity of the aluminium maintains an excellent level of thermal conductivity in a lightweight WiFi controlled radiator, that’s recyclable and easy to install.

Rointe Connect Lite app on smartphone controlling temperature of Belize radiators

Control in the palm of your hands.

Designed for easy management, the new Rointe Connect app is the control application for all Belize radiators, giving you complete control directly from your smartphone or tablet.


You can adjust temperatures, activate the 4 preset heating programs, manage costs and consumption and change the colour of your radiator screen remotely. Rointe Connect gives you easy control over your heating.


Compatible with:

Belize radiators

Rointe Connect LITE app on smartphone showing all heating installations in a home

Download the Rointe Connect app now.


Smart savings. Maximum comfort.

The Belize WiFi radiator includes patented Rointe technology designed to maximise efficiency and keep temperatures stable.

It improves the energy management required to maintain a stable temperature and predicts the energy needed to reach the set temperature, maximising cost savings.

Studies carried out have proved that this efficiency technology only uses 40% of the product nominal power on average (once a steady working rate is achieved).

This technology means Rointe Belize electric radiators reach maximum comfort, with minimum consumption.

Lady saving money into a piggy bank from her heating bill

Exclusive functions that help you save.

All Rointe radiators include energy-saving features that help reduce consumption, like Open Windows.


This function is activated when the product probe detects a decrease in the ambient temperature of at least 4°C within a 30 minute time period.


It then automatically activates the Anti-frost mode for a period of 2 hours, preventing excessive consumption.

Woman securing open window detected by Rointe electric radiator

Discover the Rointe heating products and sizes you need for your installation in a few easy steps.


Automatic programming for ease.

The new Belize radiators include new editable pre-installed programs so you can quickly choose the program that best suits your heating needs.


It’s ideal for those who wish to control their system easily without complications, by applying pre-installed programs that avoid having to invest time in programming.

The pre-installed programs are ready for use and are 100% customisable to adapt to your lifestyle. Simply select the program you want to activate in the Rointe Connect app or from the radiator control panel.


For everyday lives. Programming includes Comfort mode during the early morning and evening, but Eco mode when you leave for work.


Designed for workers on split shifts or those that come and go throughout the day.


The heating system keeps a stable temperature throughout the day. Ideal for the elderly and people who spend the majority of their time at home.


Ideal for businesses and offices where most activities are carried out during the working week.

Reduced height for smaller spaces.

Within the Belize range, we have designed a reduced height radiator (only 420 mm high) – an space-saving solution for smaller spaces and walls.

The Belize short is ideal for conservatories, balconies or walls where, due to its height, a radiator with normal dimensions cannot be installed.


Available in 11, 13 or 15 elements.

Rointe Belize 11 element short conservatory wifi aluminium oil filled radiator in white

Belize 1100 W

11 elements

Rointe Belize 13 element short conservatory wifi aluminium oil filled radiator in white

Belize 1300 W

13 elements

Rointe Belize 15 element short conservatory wifi aluminium oil filled radiator in white

Belize 1500 W

15 elements

Rointe Belize short conservatory radiator wall mounted in grey living room

Technical specifications.

RADIATOR: dimensions, characteristics, performance & technology, electronics, communication, functions, installation, safety & regulations.

Belize basic Wifi aluminium oil filled radiator standard and short conservatory size in white
No. elements | width x height x depth x installed depth

3 elements | 350 mm x 580 mm x 95 mm x 120 mm
5 elements | 520 mm x 580 mm x 95 mm x 120 mm
7 elements | 680 mm x 580 mm x 95 mm x 120 mm
9 elements | 840 mm x 580 mm x 95 mm x 120 mm
11 elements | 1,010 mm x 580 mm x 95 mm x 120 mm
13 elements | 1,180 mm x 580 mm x 95 mm x 120 mm
15 elements | 1,330 mm x 580 mm x 95 mm x 120 mm

11 elements | 1,010 mm x 420 mm x 95 mm x 120 mm
13 elements | 1,180 mm x 420 mm x 95 mm x 120 mm
15 elements | 1,330 mm x 420 mm x 95 mm x 120 mm
Built-in Wi-Fi
Smartphone or tablet control
App control from Rointe Connect
4 preset heating programs
Armoured steel heating elements
Fireproof side closures in PC/ABS
Straight fin design with top openings
Top touch control panel
Material: High purity aluminum
High heat transfer thermal oil
Weight: from 8 to 32 kg
Finish: White RAL 9010
Performance & technology
True Real Power consumption meter
E·life technology & Wi-Fi inside
Advanced efficiency technology
Temperature stability: ± 0.25°C
Air speed: < 0.1m/s
Nominal power: 110 W per element
Effective power: 40% = 44 W per element
Voltage: 230 V ~
Current: from 1.5 A to 7.0 A
Rointe ULP8 microcontroller
Control panel with touch control keypad
1.77" TFT screen with customisable screen colour
Wi-Fi communication
Smartphone and tablet control using Rointe Connect app
Anti-frost / Comfort / Eco / User mode
Manual / Automatic function
Open Windows function
24/7 programming
Adjust screen brightness
Nominal and effective power
Manage consumption and costs via Rointe Connect Lite app
4 preset heating programs
Easy to install
Wall mounted
Installed depth: 120 mm
Patented anchor system
Template & installation kit included
Safety & regulations
Safety thermostat
Average surface temp. once steady working rate reached: 43°C
IP24 protection grade
2004/108/CE Electromagnetic comp.
2006/95/CE Low voltage directive
Lot20 compliant (UE 2015/1188 ECODESIGN ERP)
Guarantee: 10 years on aluminium body + 3 years on electronics
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