Benefits of natural stone in electric heating

Author: Rointe

Do you know the benefits of soapstone in electric heating? In this article we show you its benefits with the Olympia and its natural soapstone core.

Natural stone in heating

Natural stone has been one of the most widely used materials throughout history in heating, as it has a great capacity to store heat. In fact, some of the physical properties of rocks and artificial stone materials are that they have a high heat capacity, good conductivity and excellent heat expansion, which makes them a great ally for use in heating systems.

Natural soapstone

A bit of history

The use of steatite dates back to the Upper Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods, especially for the manufacture of vases and vases. Much later, in Ancient Egypt, its use was almost standardised in the manufacture of scarabs, seals or amulets, and in the centuries to come it has been used for a multitude of works, such as sculptures, decoration, structures, carving material or household utensils.

Properties of natural soapstone

Natural soapstone is composed of talc and also has a high magnesium content. It is produced in a specific area in the tectonic plates, where pressure and heat change its construction.

Soapstone is a dense, soft, heat-resistant rock that can withstand extreme temperatures. This natural stone stands out among others because of its high density, which makes it capable of storing a considerable amount of heat and then releasing it slowly.

Which stones absorb heat best?

Due to its high density, soapstone is the most heat-absorbing natural stone.

Which stones absorb heat the fastest?

Steatite is by far the natural stone that absorbs heat the fastest, thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity.

Soapstone for electric radiators.

Each soapstone can be different in colour and texture.

Is soapstone a better choice than thermal fluid?

The choice between thermal fluid and natural stone will depend on the qualities of your home, the insulation of the house or geographical area.

Thermal fluid radiators reach the desired temperature faster, but on the other hand they also cool down faster when switched off. On the other hand, natural stone radiators take longer to reach the desired temperature, but thanks to the fact that this material stores heat better and for longer, they manage to maintain the temperature for a longer period of time.

Finally, the choice between one or the other will depend on our needs and objectives, to achieve the temperature more quickly or to maintain the comfort temperature for longer.

WIFI electric radiator with natural soapstone core.

Rointe systems are manufactured with the highest quality materials to offer optimum performance guarantees.

The Olympia radiator with wifi connection has a high density natural soapstone core inside, which will continue to transmit heat for much longer after the system has been switched off. This offers a significant advantage compared to other heating systems. The Olympia system has a high purity aluminium body which will ensure faster and more efficient heat transfer.

This system is available in 6 powers of different sizes and in each of them you will enjoy unique features to make them really efficient thermal emitters to be adapted to each type of room.

Olympia 11-element 1750W

Thanks to the Wi-Fi module and through the Rointe Lite mobile application, you will be able to control your energy consumption, which will allow you to reduce the cost of your electricity bill, as well as controlling the system from inside or outside your home. You can control your radiator from your smartphone, tablet or personal pc.

The Rointe Lite application will allow you to divide your home into different zones to program the switching on and off of your radiators at the time you want, maximising energy savings. You will also have 4 preset heating programmes for even easier and more intuitive control.

“The combination of the soapstone core, the wifi module and the Rointe Lite application make this system really efficient”.

What technologies does Olympia include?

Communication protocol developed by E-life Techs, which allows the exchange of data between products and the Rointe Lite mobile control application through the internet to have control of your system whenever and wherever you want.

Wifi Inside is the technology that allows the direct connection of our systems without intermediate devices.

The natural stone core is specifically designed with compressed steatite stone to obtain an optimum density that can maintain the radiator’s heat for longer, even after it has been switched off. Steatite, formed through the earth’s tectonic pressure and volcanic heat, enhances and prolongs the heat created during the convection process, meaning it requires less energy than traditional radiators.

Would you like to know more about the Olympia system?

If you need more information about the Olympia radiator, here is a link where you can select one of the 6 sizes and find out about the characteristics of each of them.