How to calculate your heating needs

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Find out why it's important to use the Rointe towel rail and radiator size calculator to find the best electric heater size for efficient comfort >>

Let us help you calculate the correct size for your Rointe electrical heater with our towel rail and radiator size calculator.

When purchasing a heating appliance from us, it is important to remember that the success of Rointe electric heating systems is down to the correct sizing of the products. In order to achieve maximum comfort and energy efficiency, several factors are considered to calculate the correct towel rail or radiator size.

Radiator/towel rail size factors

Location and corresponding climatic zone
Rooms and area in m2
Desired Rointe electric heating product
Other items such as insulation, orientation, double glazing and staircase location

Rointe online towel rail and radiator size calculator

With this in mind, we’ve created a handy online heating size calculator to guide you in your decision on which products to purchase and the correct size of your radiator or towel rail.

All you need to do is complete the information, along with the Rointe product you are interested in and we’ll give you an estimation of the best products and sizes. You can then send a copy of your estimate to your email address.

Please note, that our online calculator is only a guide and only gives approximate calculations. An official Rointe Technical Study should be conducted before any installation is carried out.

Rointe radiator sizing btu calculator

Towel rail and radiator size help from our Projects team

Rointe radiator and towel rail sizing calculator

Your estimate is also sent to our Projects & Technical Studies department, a team of specialised engineers that study installations on a case-by-case basis, in order to prepare the most accurate estimate possible.  We call this the ‘Technical Study’. This service is completely free and tailored to your exact needs to ensure the correct installation of our heating products.

We take great care to personalise your installation depending on the dimensions, geographical area, number of areas inside the house or building, materials used, load losses and a number of other parameters that you may specify when requesting your estimate.

Our Projects team might recommend that one of our professional installers visit the property to ensure we have all the factors needed to provide the perfect solution.

We also take into consideration criteria like stairs and furniture. For example, in rooms with stairs and corridors, there is a higher risk of heat loss, so we increase the results by 15% to compensate. For rooms with more furniture and a higher than usual temperature, like kitchens, we recommend reducing the results by 10%.

To maximise efficiency and prevent fire risks, avoid placing objects/obstacles near the heating product and distribute them evenly. For example, if a room of 21 m2 requires 18 heating elements, then the ideal scenario is to install 2 radiators of 9 elements each, with an equal distance between them.

Our online towel rail and radiator size calculator only works with ceiling heights of less than 3 metres. If you need a Technical Study calculating on ceiling heights above 3 metres, then please contact us on 0203 321 5928 to request an estimate.

What size radiator do I need?

Calculation m2 - ceiling height less than 3 metres

Reference table for D Series, Kyros and Sygma radiators in m2

Reference table for Kyros and Sygma short radiators (reduced height) in m2

Calculation m3 - ceiling height less than 3 metres

Reference table for D Series, Kyros and Sygma radiators in m3

Reference table for Kyros and Sygma short radiators (reduced height) in m3

Calculate your Rointe towel rail or radiator size today

Quality is the most important thing for us, and this is the reason we work hard to ensure the installation is just right for you, ensuring that it will deliver the highest efficiency possible.

IMPORTANT – The information contained within this article is for guidance purposes only and Rointe will not be held responsible nor held liable for any outcome because of this article. Rointe is not responsible for the content on external websites. An official Technical Study should be conducted before any installation of a Rointe heating product is carried out. The calculations on our online tool are only estimates and should be regarded as such.

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