Thermostat control like never before

The WiFi CT.2 thermostat is an intuitive heating control for any home. It can control Rointe underfloor heating systems from its touch screen design. It’s more than a smart thermostat, it’s an intelligent home platform that’s fully programmable, simple to install and easy to manage, helping you save energy and money.


All communication is wireless, so there’s no need for a wired installation.


With a WiFi connection and compatibility with the free Rointe Connect app, you can view your energy usage and expenses along with adjusting your temperature from your smartphone.


Stylish finishes with the CT.2 thermostat

The new CT.2 thermostat has been developed by experts in product design, following simple, harmonic lines to fit any interior décor.


Available in 2 colours, black or white, it’s the ideal control thermostat for any room with Rointe underfloor heating.

Control where and when you need it.

Designed for easy management and suitable for every type of user, Rointe Connect gives you complete control of your WiFi controlled heating system directly from your smartphone.


You can adjust temperatures, view real-time consumption, manage costs and lock each product remotely. Rointe Connect puts the comfort of your home in the palm of your hand.


Compatible with:

D Series | Rome WiFi water heater | CT.2 thermostat for underfloor heating.


Know the actual consumption, before your heating bill arrives.

The Rointe CT.2 thermostat includes a TRUE REAL POWER consumption meter that helps to increase savings. It collects and send information on the actual consumption of the product to the e·fficiency section of the Rointe Connect app.


This feature, exclusive to the Rointe connected heating range, helps you to understand the efficiency of the product and how it is being used, by day, month or year in kWh. By inputting your tariff rate, you can see the cost and savings.


Programmable thermostat with advanced functionality.

Thanks to the 4 editable pre-installed programs, it’s never been easier to have your underfloor heating programmed and adapted to your day to day needs.


In addition, the Open Windows function allows you to save energy and prevent heat loss if doors or windows are left open. This function deactivates your underfloor heating if it detects a sudden drop in temperature in a 30-minute interval, saving you energy and money.


Let your thermostat learn your routine.

The new self-learning mode in the CT.2 thermostat enables it to learn your routine and life habits, adapting to environment conditions and generate personalised programming for each user.


It can help increase your savings and ensures warmth and comfort during the hours you really need it.


The new CT.2 thermostat is compatible with all Rointe underfloor heating solutions. Including:
Atria | Milos | Erko

Control by smartphone

Complete control where and when you need it through your smartphone, tablet or PC using the Rointe Connect app. Available for iOS, Android and web platform.

Consumption meter

The TRUE REAL POWER meter installed in the electronics of all Rointe CT.2 thermostats allows you to manage the actual product consumption using the Rointe Connect app.

Extended guarantees

Customer satisfaction is important to us. That's why Rointe thermostats include 2 years guarantee.


Smart control at the touch of a button.

Control your heating anytime, anywhere, with Rointe Connect – the smart app for our Rointe WiFi controlled heating range.

Play Video

Alexa, turn my heating on.

You can now control your products through Rointe Connect and Alexa. It makes managing your smart heating system even easier.

With Alexa there’s no need to approach your products or the control panel. Using just your voice, you can remotely control your connected Rointe WiFi controlled heating system. Simply ask Alexa to perform your command and enjoy the effortless comfort of your home.


Amazon Alexa is compatible with the following Rointe products:


D Series radiators | D Series towel rails | Rome unvented water heaters | CT.2 thermostat | D Series* unvented water heaters | Smart Touch* thermostat

* D Series unvented water heaters and Smart Touch thermostats are discontinued and not available to buy.

Download the Rointe Connect app now.

Technical specifications.

Dimensions, characteristics, performance & technology, electronics, communication, functions, installation, safety & regulations

Width x height x depth
110 mm x 90 mm x 18 mm

Touch screen size: 72 mm x 54 mm

* Requires electrical enclosure box 35 mm depth. Not included.
Wi-Fi communication
Compatible with Amazon Alexa
True Real Power consumption meter
Smartphone control
Weight: 240 g
Finish: White | Black
Voltage: 220 - 240 V~
Maximum load: 3,680 W
Sensors: ground probe NTC 10k (3m) | ambient air probe
Touch control screen
Wi-Fi communication
Smartphone control using Rointe Connect app
Compatible with Amazon Alexa
Anti-frost / Manual / Automatic function
24/7 programming
3 pre-installed programs
Remote lock
Manage consumption and costs via Rointe Connect app
Easy to install
Wall mounted
Instruction and installation manual included
Safety & regulations
IP21 protection grade
2004/108/CE Electromagnetic comp.
2006/95/CE Low voltage directive
Lot20 compliant (UE 2015/1188 ECODESIGN ERP)
Guarantee: 2 years
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