WiFi electric radiators D Series

The D Series WiFi radiators are a digital connected heating solution with smartphone control, perfect for any home or property, that combines style, efficiency and comfort.







Complete control anytime, anywhere.

The D Series WiFi radiator stands out from the crowd, thanks to its advanced technology and high-quality aluminium body. The exclusive curved design with front dissipation openings, favours natural air convection, enabling it to reach the set temperature in record time.


Fuzzy Logic Energy Control

Patented technology that optimises the energy consumption of the radiator. A non-consumption coefficient of 62% of the nominal power is achieved.

Control by smartphone

Complete control where and when you need it through your smartphone, tablet or PC using the Rointe Connect app. Available for iOS, Android and web platform.

Consumption meter

The TRUE REAL POWER meter installed in the electronics of all Rointe D Series products allows you to manage the actual product consumption using the Rointe Connect app.

Extended guarantees

Customer satisfaction is important to us. That’s why Rointe radiators include 20 years guarantee on the aluminium body and 3 years on electronic components.


High purity aluminium without plastic closures.

Our D Series radiators take an important leap in quality and design, leaving behind common plastic closures and replacing with slimline aluminium.

Alongside a patented anchorage system, these new closures guarantee visual continuity that’s modern and perfect for any space.

The aesthetic front openings favour natural convection for thermally stable temperatures and faster heat-up times.

The high purity of the aluminium maintains an excellent level of thermal conductivity in a lightweight WiFi radiator, that’s recyclable and easy to install.



Control where and when you need it.

Designed for easy management and suitable for every type of user, Rointe Connect gives you complete control of your heating system directly from your smartphone.

You can adjust temperatures, view real-time consumption, manage costs and lock each product remotely. Rointe Connect puts the comfort of your home in the palm of your hand.

Compatible with:  D Series | Rome connected water heater | CT.2 thermostat for underfloor heating.

No gateways. No waiting.

Unlike other heating solutions, the high-speed connection between the product Wi-Fi module and our E·Life technology means the D Series range does not need gateways, additional connections or terminals to communicate. 


Each product is independent of another and connects separately. So if one fails, the problem is isolated and does not affect any other product in your heating installation.

With real-time synchronisation and the fastest responding system on the market (immediate response capacity of 270 milliseconds), any change made via Rointe Connect updates instantly in your product.



Smart saving. High efficiency. Maximum comfort.

The D Series radiator includes Fuzzy Logic Energy Control – a patented Rointe technology designed to maximise efficiency and keep temperatures stable.

This specialised low consumption technology takes energy optimisation to the next level. It improves the energy management required to maintain a stable temperature within a variation of only ± 0.25ºC. It will also predict the amount of energy needed to reach the set temperature, maximising cost savings.

Studies carried out by independent laboratories have proved that Fuzzy Logic Energy Control only uses 38% of the product nominal power on average (once a steady working rate is achieved) compared to a heating product without a thermostat.

This technology, together with high-quality materials, means Rointe D Series radiators reach maximum comfort, with minimum consumption.



Know the actual consumption, before your heating bill arrives.

Rointe D Series radiators include a TRUE REAL POWER consumption meter that helps to increase savings. It collects and send information on the actual consumption of the product to the e·fficiency section of the Rointe Connect app.

This feature, exclusive to the D Series range, helps you to understand the efficiency of the product and how it is being used, by day, month or year in kWh. By inputting your tariff rate, you can see the cost and savings.


Calculate your heating needs.

Discover the Rointe heating products and sizes you need for your installation in a few easy steps.



Smart control at the touch of a button.

Control your heating anytime, anywhere, with Rointe Connect – the smart app for our Rointe D Series WiFi connected heating radiator and towel rail range.



Alexa, turn my heating on.

You can now control your products through Rointe Connect and Alexa. It makes managing your smart heating system even easier.

With Alexa there’s no need to approach your products or the control panel. Using just your voice, you can remotely control your Rointe connected heating system, both in and outside of home. Simply ask Alexa to perform your command and enjoy the effortless comfort of your home.


Amazon Alexa is compatible with the following Rointe products:


D Series radiators | D Series towel rails | Rome connected water heaters | D Series* unvented water heaters | CT.2 thermostat | Smart Touch* thermostat



* D Series unvented water heaters and Smart Touch thermostats are discontinued and not available to buy.

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Stand out from the crowd.

The Designline range adds style and efficiency without affecting comfort.

Each product is unique with a flawless finish that will fit seamlessly into any décor. Through the use of metals and textures like copper, oxide and marble, alongside powder coated greys and reds, we’ve created beautiful heating solutions designed with you in mind.


Technical specifications.

Dimensions, characteristics, performance & technology, electronics, communication, functions, installation, safety & regulations

DimensionsNo. elements | width x height x depth x installed depth

3 elements | 350 mm x 585 mm x 97 mm x 120 mm
5 elements | 510 mm x 585 mm x 97 mm x 120 mm
7 elements | 675 mm x 585 mm x 97 mm x 120 mm
9 elements | 835 mm x 585 mm x 97 mm x 120 mm
11 elements | 992 mm x 585 mm x 97 mm x 120 mm
13 elements | 1,160 mm x 585 mm x 97 mm x 120 mm
15 elements | 1,320 mm x 585 mm x 97 mm x 120 mm
CharacteristicsBuilt-in Wi-Fi
Smartphone control
Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Armoured steel heating elements

Aluminium side closures

Curved front design with top openings

Material: High purity aluminum

Biodegradable high heat transfer mineral thermal oil

Weight: from 7.7 to 32.1 kg

Finish: White RAL 9016 | Graphite | DESIGNLINE RAL colour | DESIGNLINE special finish
Performance & technologyTrue Real Power consumption meter

E·life technology & Wi-Fi inside

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology

Temperature stability: ± 0.25°C

Air speed: < 0.1m/sElectronicsNominal power: 110 W per element
Effective power: 38% = 41.8W per element
Voltage: 230 V ~
Current: from 1.5 A to 7.0 A
Rointe ULP8 microcontroller
CommunicationControl panel with touch control keypad
1.77″ TFT screen with customisable screen colour
Wi-Fi communication
Smartphone control using Rointe Connect app
Compatible with Amazon Alexa
FunctionsAnti-frost / Comfort / Eco mode
Manual / Automatic function
Open Windows function
24/7 programming
Adjust screen brightness
Nominal and effective power
Manage consumption and costs via Rointe Connect app
InstallationEasy to install
Wall mounted
Installed depth: 120 mm
Patented anchor system
Template & installation kit included
Safety & regulationsSafety thermostat
Average surface temp. once steady working rate reached: 43°C
IP24C protection grade
2004/108/CE Electromagnetic comp.
2006/95/CE Low voltage directive
Lot20 compliant (UE 2015/1188 ECODESIGN ERP)
Guarantee: 20 years on aluminium body + 3 years on electronicsClick Here


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