Dalis Pro Aerothermal system

Combine air source heat pumps and solar panels for an efficient home

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Air source heat pumps are one of the most efficient systems for hot water heating. Combine with solar panels and you have a truly efficient home >> Read Now

Air source heat pumps have positioned itself as one of the most efficient air-conditioning systems on the market, thanks to its capacity to produce 4 kW of heating energy while consuming only 1 kW of electricity.

Its efficiency is therefore 400%, while the consumer only pays for 25% of this energy.

In addition, if we combine it with the installation of solar panels, the savings that will be produced will be complete, here are the reasons why.

Dalis Pro Aerothermal system
Dalis Pro gives you one of the most efficient heating systems

Operation of heat pumps and solar panels

Air source heat pumps obtains energy from the outside air and passes it through an internal circuit, with cooling liquid, to transmit it to the interior of the room through the chosen emitter.

These emitters can be multiple, such as underfloor heating, radiators, air conditioning or even the water heater itself. Thus, they are able to provide heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water all year round, making it an integral solution.

Likewise, solar panels convert solar radiation into the electrical energy that the building needs for its daily operation, supplying all the consumption needs of the supply in a completely efficient and free manner.

Dalis Pro Aerothermal system
Thanks to the Rointe Connect functions you will be able to control your electricity consumption

Advantages of combining air source heat pumps with solar panels

Solar self-consumption can reduce or eliminate the electricity bill on its own, but if we also combine air source heat pumps with solar panels, the savings will be complete.

This is because the building will be able to consume energy from the sun free of charge to power the air-conditioning systems, which means savings of up to 80% on the electricity bill during the coldest and hottest months of the year.

To give you an idea, in 30 years, you can achieve an economic saving of around €45,000, compared to an oil boiler with exactly the same consumption needs.

Moreover, it can be fully amortised 6 years after both installations have been carried out or, even in less time, if any of the different subsidies that the State is providing in order to improve the energy efficiency of dwellings is obtained.

solar panels aerothermics
Achieve all the benefits of air source heat pump with solar panels

Cost of combining air source heat pumps with solar panels

Installing an air source heat pump system costs between approximately €8,000 and €25,000. This price depends on different factors, although it decreases as the square metres of the installation increase:

– The size of the house (m2) and the electrical power (kW) available.

– The brand and type of the heat pump.

– The heat or cold emitters to be installed.

– The size of the DHW tank.

On the other hand, the price of installing solar panels is between 600 and 800 € per square metre, therefore, its cost is usually around 4,500 € including equipment and labour. However, the following factors must be taken into account:

– The type of house: detached, semi-detached, flat…

– The use to be made of the installation.

– The amount of solar radiation in the province per year.

– The electricity consumption and the cost of the electricity bill for the last 12 months.

– The CUPS of the electricity.

Dalis Pro Aerothermal system
Energy savings with air source heat pumps

Dalis Pro: Air source heat pump for domestic hot water production

If all the incredible advantages of air source heat pumps have convinced you, we introduce you to its perfect companion: the Dalis Pro electric air source heat pump by Rointe.

Dalis Pro is a heat pump and tank “All in one” for the production of domestic hot water.

It combines its water tank with the heat pump so that you can obtain two of the elements in one.

Dalis Pro will be in charge of producing and distributing hot water to all the taps and showers in your home. It does all this in the most efficient way possible while reducing its energy consumption to half that of a normal electric water heater.

And to ensure that the water inside stays at the temperature you want it to be, our water heater is perfectly insulated. With a vitrified steel boiler, CFC-free insulating foam and an exclusive thermal break system, you can keep the water at the temperature you want.

The Dalis Pro heat pump has A+ energy efficiency and is designed to work with renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels and solar collectors.

It has a touch panel with LCD screen with which you can activate its programming, its anti-legionella function and its maximum power function (the heat pump works at 8 bars of pressure). In addition, Dalis Pro minimises heat loss through its exclusive thermal break system, its pressure switch and its safety thermostat.

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