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Rointe ✅ designer radiators ✅ create comfortable and stylish homes, adding luxury without affecting comfort. See modern radiators >>

Designer radiators can be used in your electric heating system and are an ideal decorative replacement for more traditionally styled radiators. They are the perfect addition to the modern home, bringing luxury and style to suit your interior decor without affecting comfort.

The latest trend in home heating, there are a wide variety of finishes and colours to make your heating stand out from the crowd. Designer radiators help you make a bold statement, showcasing your personality and artistic flair. They’re the latest innovation combining functionality with style.

Rointe designer radiator in maldives finish with matt black edged in copper

We believe that heating should be an integral part of your home, not just for practical reasons but to bring your home to life. Giving you warmth and comfort with a modern twist.

That’s why we have introduced a new collection of designer radiators, DESIGNLINE, with special finishes and RAL colours.  Through the use of metals and textures like aged gold, copper edging and marble, alongside colours like ruby reds and cool greys, we’ve created beautiful heating solutions designed with you in mind.

Available now in the D Series radiator range, these designer radiators also include built-in WiFi for smartphone control for the ultimate connected heating solution. Not only does the D Series radiator also include advanced technology, but it also combines a unique set of characteristics to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

D Series radiator characteristics

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Rointe WiFi designer radiators provide efficient warmth and comfort using just your smartphone. Easy to install, choose special finishes like aged gold, marble and copper edge black, or powder-coated RAL colours in greys, reds and blue.