Categories for Efficiency

Design innovation in electric radiators


Design innovation plays a crucial role in helping electric radiators heat homes, properties and environments efficiently for true comfort. Find out more >>

Energy-efficient underfloor heating solutions


Our ✅ underfloor heating mats ✅ are formed from the perfect mix of radiation and convection. Suitable for wood, laminate, tile or carpet floors.

Why you should choose electric heating over gas


Today ✅ electric heating ✅ is evolving into a smart, sustainable and economical system. Learn why you should choose it over gas with our latest blog post.

Keep warm this winter with our guide


As the icy winter season tightens its grip and the days become darker, we share our top tips to help you keep warm this winter.

Which heating solutions should property investors choose?


Here's our latest blog article that all property investors should read ✅ electric heating solutions ✅, before choosing a heating solution for their project.

Are smart controls the future for electric heating?


Users don't often know what to look for in ✅ smart heating ✅ controls. Discover why smart controls are important for electric heating here with our blog.

How to save energy in your radiator without losing comfort


Our latest blog post shows you how to get the best out of your Rointe ✅ electric radiator ✅. Read now to learn how to save energy without losing comfort.

Vote conservatory


A conservatory often has unique needs for heating. Discover the solutions on offer, like ✅ electric heating ✅, to maximise comfort without increasing costs.

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