An essential element in our business is achieving a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that aids efficiency, equality and sustainability.


The ultimate goal of our CSR is to create a movement that pushes both society and our employees to live and work in a more ecological and responsible way.


Achieving this goal goes far beyond just our manufacturing processes. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy involves tackling environmental issues, promoting better energy consumption management, equality in the workplace and educating others in alternative heating systems. All to make a healthier and sustainable world possible.


CSR: Helping our forests grow

We want help tackle the consequences of climate change by restoring our forests for a sustainable future.


That’s why every time you buy and register a Rointe electric heating product, we’ll contribute trees to reforestation efforts that help:

  • Reduce the amount of CO2 in the air
  • Rebuild habitats for flora and fauna
  • Halt soil erosion and degradation

The more products you register, the more trees we can plant.

Have you purchased a Rointe product?

Register your product now to validate your guarantee and help us plant more trees for a greener, healthier world.


CSR: Reducing single-use plastic

Our natural environment is being continuously invaded by plastic waste generated by human “use it, then lose it” lifestyles.


With only 9% of the plastic waste generated being recycled, this unsustainable relationship severely threatens the health of our oceans and environment. That’s why we ensure:

  • Potable drinking water is readily available from the tap to reduce purchasing of plastic bottled water.
  • The use of plastic cups, cutlery and plates in our offices is prohibited.
  • We investigate ways to reduce plastic in our product packaging and marketing.
  • Encouragement of responsible use and recycling wherever possible.


CSR: Reducing our energy consumption

To reach a more sustainable future, we must consume less energy or switch to renewable sources. Businesses, in particular, can be large consumers of energy.


Therefore at Rointe, we have invested in improving our offices, warehouses and facilities to ensure they are more energy-efficient.

  • Switched to LED technology for all our lighting.
  • Installed solar protection sheets on windows to increase heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Installed motion sensor lighting to save on energy.
  • Use our own energy electric systems for efficient heating - an advanced alternative to fossil fuel based gas systems.


CSR: Reducing your energy consumption

As manufacturers, we are dedicated to helping our customers increase energy efficiency and reduce costs in any way we can.


Not only have our radiators, towel rails and thermostats been manufactured in compliance with the Lot20 regulations, we’ve also incorporated a variety of energy-saving functions into them to help.

  • Open Windows automaticallys activate the Anti-frost mode for a period of 2 hours, preventing excessive consumption.
  • Efficiency indicators monitor consumption and provide visual warning when consumption increases.
  • Rointe Connect app allows you to see your consumption and cost in real time from your smartphone so you can better manage your energy on the go.
  • User mode allows you to set a personalised temperature range with a minimum and maximum temperature, to restrict higher than needed temperatures that leads to energy waste.

Learn about the energy saving functions included in Rointe’s electric heating systems today.


CSR: A working world accessible to all

With more than 150 head office employees, we are firmly committed to equal employment opportunities, without discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, religion or disability.


We know that our talented team are our main asset, so we create a motivating work environment that promotes participation and the exchange of ideas.


We also support projects and initiatives led by further education institutes, enhancing talent and research through collaborations, apprenticeships and learning.


CSR: Educating others

We want you to understand the issues, advantages, innovations and regulations surrounding the electric heating industry, such as why electric heating is the future for a better world.


That’s why Rointe offers a variety of accredited CPD material, designed to improve professional knowledge and skills.


It’s a platform for us to share our expertise in electric heating, which will ultimately improve the properties and communities you design and create.


We also regularly contribute articles and further learning materials to professionals and end-users through print, online and our blog.

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