Belize 1430W WiFi Electric Radiator

£640.08 incl. VAT

To heat room size 16 m2

The Rointe Belize electric WiFi radiator is an affordable, high-quality electric heater, controlled by an app with advanced functionality called Rointe Connect. It includes a built-in WiFi module so you can easily control your temperature, costs and energy consumption on the go, any time and from anywhere.


This oil-filled radiator includes 4 preset heating schedules for easy programming and a design that promotes natural air convection for even distribution of heat throughout the room.


Manufactured from high-purity aluminium, the Belize basic WiFi radiator has a TFT screen with touch control panel, energy-saving features like Open Windows and high heat transfer thermal fluid. This electric heater guarantees the best thermal comfort thanks to its quality materials, technology and WiFi features.


· 1430 W with 13 heating elements
· Wall-mounted and oil-filled
· 100% recycled aluminium
· Built-in WiFi (2.4 GHz compatible only) and smartphone control
· Control temperature, cost and consumption from Rointe Connect app
· TFT screen and touch control panel
· 24/7 programming
· 4 weekly programs pre-installed
· Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
· Energy-saving functions: Open Windows
· Adaptative start: start up time by up to 1 hour
· Low consumption and home automation technology
· Manual / Automatic function
· Comfort / Eco / Anti-frost modes
· Size: 1,140 (w) x 575 (h) x 95 (d) mm
· Easy to install
· Guarantee: 10 years body | 3 years electronics


Please note Belize products only work with a 2.4 GHz WiFi network.

EAN code:

Rointe electric radiators are manufactured with high-quality components and include extended guarantees for your peace of mind. The Belize basic WiFi radiator is available in 10 sizes, including a reduced height radiator for smaller space and walls, with a high-gloss white RAL 9010 finish.


The Belize basic WiFi radiator combines the best features from our Kyros and D Series ranges, into a modern heating solution capable of providing the best thermal comfort at an affordable price. This electric heater includes a built-in WiFi module that allows you to connect an entire installation without intermediate gateways. These high power WiFi modules can reach up to 100m without obstacles and our servers have a reliability of over 99%. With the free Rointe Connect app, your smartphone or tablet will give you easy control of your installation. You can adjust temperatures and manage your costs and consumption from home, your office or on the go. With the app, you can divide the property into zones to program activation and shutoff of your radiators at whatever time you desire, maximising your energy savings. Plus the app allows you to change the colour of your radiator screen display and has access to the 4 preset heating programs for even easier control.


The preset heating programs included in the Belize electric radiator mean you can quickly choose the program that best suits your heating needs for quicker warmth and comfort. It’s ideal for those who wish to control their heating system easily and without complications, by applying pre-installed programs that avoid having to invest time programming the product. The pre-installed programs are ready for use and already installed in the Belize radiator. The design of this advanced radiator, both in the standard and short version, is distinguished by top openings that favour natural convection for even warmth and comfort.


The Belize wall-mounted radiator also includes a TFT screen and touch control panel, efficiency technology and energy-saving features like the Open Windows function. It’s manufactured using high-purity aluminium and fireproof side closures in PC/ABS, along with an exclusive thermal fluid (oil-filled) for the perfect balance between efficiency, style and comfort without increasing costs or energy consumption. This efficient electric heater guarantees the best thermal comfort thanks to its quality materials, technology and WiFi features.


Please note Belize products only work with a 2.4 GHz WiFi network.

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Low consumption technology

Available in White RAL 9010

4 preset heating program already installed

Built-in WiFi module

Control by smartphone

Manage temperature, cost and consumption anytime, anywhere

Amazon Alexa compatible

Google Assistant compatible

High purity aluminium with side enclosures

Optimum design for maximum heat dissipation

Double SMD electronic board, lithium battery and triac

Optimal resistance: 110 W per heating element

1.77" TFT screen with customisable colours

Touch control panel

High heat transfer thermal fluid (oil-filled)

Open Windows function: energy saving feature prevents excessive consumption

Low air speed <0.1m/s

24/7 programming

User mode: limit working temperatures

Adaptive start: start up time by up to 1 hour

Manual / Automatic function

Comfort / Eco / Anti-frost modes

43ºC surface temperature (once working rate achieved)


Includes template, installation kit and brackets

Accessories available

⁽¹⁾ In tests carried out the Belize 1,430 W radiator with low consumption technology was tested. These tests concluded that to maintain a room at 21ºC with a variation of only ± 0.25ºC for a period of 24 hours, this radiator needed an average of only 572 W or 40% of its nominal power. This percentage is what we define as the equivalent consumption coefficient. If we multiply the nominal power of the product by the equivalent consumption coefficient, we obtain the effective power.

⁽²⁾ Once steady working rate achieved.

Product Reference
A - Width 1,140 mm
B - Height 575 mm
C - Depth 95 mm
D - Installed depth 118 mm
Product weight 28 kg
Nominal power 1,430 W
Effective power ⁽¹⁾ 572 W ⁽¹⁾
Average surface temperature ⁽²⁾ 43ºC
Voltage 230 V ~
Power per heating element 110 W
Protection grade IP24
Finish White RAL 9010
Product Reference BRI1430RAD
EAN code 8435556138778

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Technical Support

If you have any problems with your product or if you need help, call our Technical Support team on 0203 321 5929, send us an email to [email protected] or send a message using the form below. We will be in touch as soon as possible to help you.


Asistencia técnica

Watch our installation video to learn how easy it is to install a Rointe radiator. If you’d prefer to use a Rointe Trusted Installer instead, use our handy locator here.

Radiator installation recommendations:

  • Rointe radiators are designed to be wall-mounted, with fixings, brackets and a template supplied as part of the product.
  • Rointe radiators must be positioned horizontally, but not under a window. This would affect the thermostat reading, potentially causing excessive consumption.
  • Rointe radiators sized for a particular room should not be installed in another unless the conditions (such as size, ceiling height etc.) are extremely similar.
  • Rointe radiators are best placed on a wall away from drafts like doors and with sufficient space so the radiator won’t be obscured by furniture. This allows the best natural convection cycle for even and efficient heat.

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