Zocca Oval 300W Electric Towel Rail

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The Zocca Oval electric towel rail is the latest addition to our bathroom heater range. It features our Oval control panel with 6 preset temperature modes, so you can choose the best temperature to suit your needs and the towel rail will keep your bathroom temperature even and efficient as programmed. It’s the new, convenient smart heating solution thanks to a high thermal transfer fluid (Optimum Flex Tech) that improves the circulation of the liquid inside bars of the towel rail, transferring the heat generated.

The Zocca electric towel rail offers warmth and comfort with a slim design. It has a high-quality stainless steel body for vertical installation (you can choose between 2 heights). You can also program your Zocca Oval towel rail easily using one of our remote controls: AIR or BASIC (sold separately) and with a mechanical control panel with LED indicators.

The Zocca Oval electric radiators allow you 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes at maximum power (Boost Function), an adaptative start (anticipates start up time in programming mode) and an energy saving function, Open Windows (If the radiator detects a drop of more than 4ºC in a period of less than 30 minutes, it activates the anti-frost mode (7ºC) in order to save energy).

· Number of tubes: 13 and 17 (Chrome finish – TZOVI50C110)
· Body material steel ST12 with cylindrical bars
· Wall-mounted and thermal fluid-filled
· 6 preset temperature modes from 7 – 30ºC
· LED operation indicator lights
· Up to 2-hour max power mode
· Compact mechanical keypad in an oval design
· Compatible with Rointe AIR and BASIC remote controls (sold separately)
· Adaptative Start: anticipates start up time in programming mode
· Open Windows energy saving function
· Vertical installation
· Easy to install with Class II protection and IP44 rated
· Guarantee: 10 years body | 3 years electronics

EAN code:

Rointe electric towel rails are manufactured with high-quality components and include extended guarantees for your peace of mind. The Zocca Oval electric towel rail is part of our SELECT bathroom heating range.

The Rointe Zocca Oval electric towel rails has a unique design that’s perfect for modern bathroom heating. It has Class II protection (double insulated) so they do not require a safety connection to the electrical earth (ground) when installed as the Class II protection ensures sufficient insulation. They are also IP44 rated for safety. Manufactured from high-quality steel, our practical and stylish heated towel rails boast optimum power output utilising high thermal transfer fluid to heat quickly and retain heat for longer.

This new towel rail heater includes a compact control panel with an oval shape and mechanical buttons. It’s easy to use and simple to program with the On/Off control and 6 preset temperature modes: 7ºC, 15ºC, 18ºC, 21ºC, 24ºC, 27ºC or 30ºC. We recommend a temperature of 18 or 21ºC for balanced and efficient consumption without affecting comfort. The Zocca Oval towel rail has LED indicators and a max power mode for up to 2 hours. It has a unique design that’s ideal for contemporary bathrooms and is available in a stainless steel finish.

The Zocca Oval heated towel rail is also compatible with Rointe remote controls: AIR and BASIC. They extend the functionality of the towel rail by allowing:

· Remote control without the need to use the control panel
· Wider range of accurate setpoint temperatures by half a degree between 15 and 30ºC e.g. 19.5ºC
· 24/7 personalised programming or use of the 4 preset heating programs on the BASIC Control remote

Includes infrared communication for compatibility with Rointe AIR or BASIC remote control (sold separately).

TLOVI43A071 | TLOVI43A104 | TLOVI43A155 | TLOVI48A071 | TLOVI48A104 | TLOVI48A155

Optimum Flux Tech

Our electric towel rails use the latest generation heat transfer fluid based on glycol. Its optimised flow rate improves the circulation of the liquid inside bars of the towel rail, transferring the heat generated to the entire surface of the product.

High quality stainless steel body

Available in white RAL, chrome and graphite

High heat transfer thermal fluid

Mechanical control panel with LED indicators

6 preset temperature modes from 7 - 30ºC

24/7 programming

Open Windows function: energy saving feature prevents excessive consumption

Adaptative start: anticipates start up time in programming mode

LED indicator lights for temperature and programs

Max power mode up to 2 hours

Compatible with Rointe remote controls (sold separately)


Includes template, installation kit and brackets

Accesories available

Product Reference
Width 500 mm
Height without control panel 788 mm
Height with control panel 883 mm | 1,201 mm (Chrome - TZOVI50C110)
Axle distance 430 mm
Depth 62 mm
Installed depth 97 mm
Nominal power 300 W | 300 W | 300 W
Voltage 230 V ~
Class II
Protection grade IP44
Flame retardant wiring
Finish Stainless steel
Product reference TZOVI50B078 | TZOVI50C110 | TZOVI50C078 | TZOVI50N078
EAN code 8435556138129 | 8435556138174 | 8435556138167 | 8435556138204

Our guarantees are the best on the market.

Customer satisfaction always comes first for us, along with offering a high-quality product. That’s why this product is guaranteed for 10 years on the body and 3 years on the electronics.


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Asistencia técnica

Watch our installation video to learn how easy it is to install a Rointe towel rail. If you’d prefer to use a Rointe Trusted Installer instead, use our handy locator here.


Towel rail installation recommendations:

  • Rointe towel rails are designed to be wall-mounted, with fixings, brackets and a template supplied as part of the product.
  • Rointe towel rails must be positioned vertically.
  • As our towel rails are either IP44 or IP54 rated, they can be installed in zone 2 or areas classed as “outside zones”.  The control panel must be located at least 0.6 m (60cm) away from a water outlet such as tap, sink, shower or bath. Please refer to the latest copy of the product manual, IET wiring regulations and all applicable British Standards.
  • Rointe towel rails must also be installed at least 25 cm from the floor.
  • Rointe towel rails come with a 2 m cable and plug that can be used with a standard socket. However, in bathrooms, power sockets must be installed at least 3 m from the bath or shower in accordance with Part P Building Regs. You must use a qualified electrician if you wish to “hardwire” your Rointe towel rail.

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