Electric towel rails

Rointe digital electric towel rails are the perfect heating solution for your bathroom.

High-quality, low consumption energy efficient electric towel rails from Rointe.


Discover our extensive range of towel rails and heaters for bathrooms at competitive prices.




Over 17 years experience.

Rointe has been manufacturing electric towel rails for bathrooms since 2001, starting with the Gatta and Vito ranges (now discontinued).


There are plenty of interesting features in our electric towel rails, especially if you’re searching for a comfortable and reliable heating solution that’s unique. 


Available in four sizes and a range of finishes, they’ll fit seamlessly into your décor.


Extra comfort for your bathroom.

The exclusive 2 hour boost feature of Rointe towel rails is an extraordinary function that you might use more often than not.


When activated, your towel rail will heat to its maximum power for 2 hours, regardless of the current temperature set. The D Series and Kyros towel rail take this function one step further, with a choice between extra power for 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes instead.


Thanks to this advanced functionality, your bathroom will reach maximum comfort in a short period of time, without being interrupted by the user. 


Advanced control.

All our towel rails include the latest SMT technology and electronics, ensuring reliable and high-density connections.


These advanced electronics provide stability and better mechanical performance under vibration and shaking conditions, and a more lightweight and compact control panel.


They are fitted with multi-layer circuits with ultra-low power microcontrollers that manage calculations and micro-breaks, helping you save energy.


Maximum safety.

All Rointe towel rails have Class II protection (double insulated). They do not require a safety connection to electrical earth (ground) when installed, as the Class II protection ensures sufficient insulation.


The control panel is manufactured from flame-retardant polycarbonate with additives that prevent colour degrading over time.




Stable & even heat transfer.

The interior thermal fluid of Rointe towel rails is specifically formulated to provide maximum heat transfer in a product with circular conductivity.


The fluid used in the towel rails is exclusive mineral oil of high thermal transfer. It provides better thermal stability that is more environmentally friendly.


This, combined with the usual working temperatures of the product, allows us to lower the risk of corrosion whilst maintaining excellent thermal conductivity.

Energy saving functions
Rointe towel rails include exclusive energy-saving functions, like Open Windows and
User Mode which, together with correct programming, allow for savings in consumption
without losing comfort
TFT screen
All Rointe towel rails include a high contrast 1.77" TFT screen,
so users can see their consumption and programming easily.

In fact, our D Series range even allows you to change the screen colour
to compliment your interior design.
Infrared remote control
Delivering complete control over your heating, our remote controls are easy to use
with infrared communication. You can easily program you Rointe heating products,
from the comfort of your sofa.

Quality guaranteed for up to 10 years.

We take the quality of our products one step further. That’s why we’re able to offer the longest guarantees on the market of up to 10 years on our towel rail steel bodies. We even offer up to 2 years guarantee on the electronic components.

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

All Rointe electric towel rails are available in various sizes with a classic white or chrome finish. In the D Series range, the available standard finishes are extended with the addition of graphite, plus there are RAL colours and the new DESIGNLINE range of special finishes.