Erko underfloor heating installation recommendations

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Rointe Erko electric underfloor heating systems are designed for easy and quick installation. See the do's and don'ts on how to install here >>

The Rointe Erko electric underfloor heating systems have been designed so that installation is quick and easy, but as with all electrical systems, certain procedures must be strictly followed. It is important to ensure that you have the correct heating mat(s) and size for the area you wish to heat and thoroughly read these recommendations about installation.

Erko underfloor installation recommendations

The new Erko underfloor heating system MUST NOT be installed in thin-set cement or in direct contact with a cement or concrete subfloor. The heater MUST be installed on top of suitable soft insulation material. This prevents the heater from being damaged when the weight of the floor, furniture and people are added.

The insulation material should be at least 6mm thick and suitable for use with electric underfloor heating.

It is important that you take into account the insulation properties, the better R-value the shorter the heat up time. If using the insulation board or similar, a soft underlay must be used to ensure the heater is not in contact with the cement facing of the board.

Rointe electric underfloor heating: Milos and Erko

Please ensure that the laminate flooring is suitable for use with electric underfloor heating.

Most wood/laminate floors are compatible with the foil mats but we do not recommend using any wood flooring thicker than 18mm.

Wood flooring with metallic strips as part of their locking systems are NOT compatible as these metallic strips may damage the foil mats.

Any wood floor with a pad already attached must not be used with the foil mats.

For wooden floors or similar, the thermal resistance should not exceed 0.15m2K/W.

Materials included in Erko underfloor kit

  • Erko heating mat
  • Installation manual

Additional items needed

  • Thermostat
  • 30mA residual current device (RCD)
  • Digital multi-meter for testing resistance of mat and sensor
  • Electrical housing, back box (at least 35mm deep) and junction boxes
  • Electrical trunking/conduit for housing power leads
  • Duct tape to secure floor sensor and loose wires
  • Scissors for trimming underfloor mat mesh
  • Electrical safety gloves
  • Rointe Insulation system

Erko underfloor installation do’s & don’ts

Erko installation do’s

  • Read the installation manual carefully before starting. Consult our helpline or a competent professional if you are unsure how to proceed.
  • Check with the manufacturer of the flooring that their products are compatible with electric floor heating systems.
  • Operate the heating foil with a thermostat in floor sensor mode, to ensure the floor does not exceed the maximum temperature of the wood laminate (usually 27°C).
  • Connect all earth leads to the earth ring.
  • Connect all cold wire leads from the foil mats in parallel inside an electrical junction box.
  • Zone each room with a foil heating system with its own thermostat controller. This allows each room to be controlled individually and save energy. Each thermostat has a maximum capacity of 16A.
  • Ensure that no sharp edges (e.g. metal edged laminate locking systems) come in contact with the heating foil.
  • Install a soft insulation below the foils to prevent damage when the weight of the floor and furniture is added. Make sure unavoidable wooden floor movements will not harm the heating foils.
  • Ensure that a heat loss calculation has been carried out and heating requirements have been met if you are using the floor heating system as a primary source of heating.
  • Ensure that the systems are protected by a 30mA RCD.
  • Complete the control card at the end of the manual and fix it to the main consumer unit along with any plans and electrical test records, as per the current regulations.
  • Use the foil strips provided to bridge any gaps when cutting and turning the foil mats, to keep the earth intact.
    Contact us on 0203 321 5929 if you are unsure, have any questions or need help and advice.

Erko installation don’ts

  • Use the foil heating mats with glued locking systems or laminates that have an underpad or cushion material pre-attached to its underside.
  • Install the foil heater up steps, over floors that are uneven or have traces of moisture, carpets or parquet floor or anywhere else except inside buildings.
  • Leave insulating materials such as bean bags, linen or towels on the floor surface.
  • Overlap, fold or wrinkle the foil heating mats or walk unnecessarily over the mats.
  • Place heavy/sharp tools (or any other potentially damaging object) on top of the foils.
  • Install foil heating mats in room temperatures less than 5ºC.
  • Install foil mats under walls or partitions, or in areas under heavy cabinets, closets, or fixtures (toilets, sinks, tubs, etc.).
  • Install foil mats within approximately 50mm of any heat conductive building part, such as cold water pipes.
  • Install foil mats within 20mm of one another, 50mm of any wall or 100mm of a fireplace or hot water pipe.
  • Install foil heating mats under any floor covering other than wood or laminate or wooden floors thicker than 18mm.
  • Place items on the floor surface which will stop the air flow or not allow heat to rise into the room.
  • Install electrical cables or pipes under the floor with the foil heating mats.
  • Install the heating foils in direct contact with a cement or concrete slab.
  • Attempt a DIY repair if you damage the heating mat.
    Do not proceed if you are not sure. Please call us on 0203 321 5929.

Please note this is not an extensive list, nor is this article the full instruction manual for Erko underfloor heating insulation. You MUST read the instruction manual carefully BEFORE any underfloor installation is carried out.

All electrical connections must be undertaken by a certified electrician. All work must conform to current Electrical Regulations.

Download the Erko underfloor heating installation manual here:

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