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No matter what your healthcare heating needs are, it's important to choose the right one. Discover why Rointe heating are the best on the market here.

Managers of buildings in the healthcare sector, such as care homes and hospitals, face a constant struggle. They need to juggle the health, safety and well-being of their patients, staff and visitors against financial pressures and budgets. One of the most prominent issues is heating.

Energy consumption in the healthcare sector is growing steadily. Mainly because they operate 24/7, but also due to increases in the number of patients year on year. Electricity alone accounts for over 50% of hospitals energy costs. In total, the NHS spends approximately £500 million per year on energy costs in England, but unfortunately, a significant proportion of energy is wasted. These types of building result in high heat loss due to large communal areas and high ceilings, along with unused or unoccupied areas where the heating remains active.

The cost of running and maintaining a large healthcare building, like a hospital or care home, heavily impacts on funds that are needed elsewhere. Hospitals and healthcare premises need reliable and affordable heating so that any cost savings can be redirected into vital clinical front-line services and the standard of care.

Improving energy efficiency in healthcare is all about making the most out of the energy used, without compromising on comfort or safety. Energy-efficient buildings provide better conditions for patients and staff, and the environment will benefit from reductions in carbon emissions and energy usage. Therefore, choosing the right heating system is of the utmost importance.

How Rointe electric heating solutions meet the needs of the healthcare sector

The Rointe digital integrated system perfectly meets the needs of your patients, visitors and staff by increasing thermal comfort and helping to reduce your energy consumption. However, replacing an entire system can be costly. With us, there’s no need to completely overhaul your entire existing heating system. Our products can work just as well alongside other heating solutions. You’ll simply have access to better quality heating in the most important areas of your building.

Here we will take a closer look at the heating needs of the healthcare sector and how our electric heating solutions help meet these requirements.

Safe and ecological:

For healthcare premises, the need for energy efficiency is combined with stringent guidelines on the safety of any heating appliance. Burn risk, surface temperature and the design must be taken into consideration.

Healthcare sector heating needs:

Low surface temperature – NHS Estates guidance states surface temperature of space heating appliances should not exceed a maximum surface temperature of 43ºC.

Low burn risk – As the risk of burns can be high, the heating appliances should have adequate coverings.

Lightweight design without sharp edges – Heavy products that are inadequately installed pose a risk to safety if they become loose or fall. Appliances with sharp edges also pose an injury risk.

Low noise pollution – Emotional response to noise pollution includes irritation, dissatisfaction and a feeling of privacy being invaded. Can be detrimental to the recovery of patients and cause annoyance to staff and visitors.

Ecological – Clean and efficient heating with less environmental impact.

Safe and clean hot water – In premises where hot water is needed and stored in tanks, adequate protection against harmful bacteria, like Legionella, must be taken.

Rointe electric heating solutions:

Surface temperatures do not exceed 43ºC (once a steady working rate achieved). Natural air convection dissipates heat throughout a room without any forceful airspeed. Helps prevent allergens and airborne illnesses being circulated.

Heat is evenly distributed across the radiator with low surface temperatures. Plus compatible covers available to prevent contact with the radiator.

100% slimline aluminium with end panels and a smooth curved appearance. Easy installation using a supplied wall bracket and template. Plus compatible covers available to prevent touching the radiator. Lightweight from 7.7 to 32.1 kg depending on size.

No noise emission because no forceful air circulated. High-quality components and manufacturing mean no noise when switched on.

Clean and respectful to the environment as they do not emit polluting gases or use heavy metals. They don’t use combustion to generate heat so don’t emit dangerous carbon emissions that damage the environment or risk life. They are also Lot20 compliant.

Important anti-legionella function incorporated in all our water heaters. Automatically raises the temperature of heated water to 60ºC for 1 hour once a week. This destroys possible dangerous bacterium for safe, clean water.

Cost and maintenance:

Cost is an important factor for any health care premise when it comes to heating. It can also be an unpredictable factor when you take into account servicing and maintenance, so reduced costs are essential. Any heating appliance should be easy to access and maintain, without compromising on security or patient care. There should be minimal disruption to patients, staff and visitors whilst maintenance is carried out.

Healthcare sector heating needs:

Low installation costs with minimal disruption – A large investment causes significant impact to already stretched budgets, therefore spend needs to be as low as possible. Minimum disruption to patients and staff whilst works carried out.

Low maintenance and servicing – Maintenance should be kept to a minimum to prevent disruption and high costs. Official certificates and registered professionals must be used to comply with safety standards.

Lifetime value – Products must be hard-wearing. High energy efficiency required.

Energy-saving functions – System must be energy efficient and reduce monthly costs wherever possible. Low consumption technology preferred.

Rointe electric heating solution:

Cheaper to install than gas. We use official Rointe installers for a professional service. Minimum disruption and mess as no pipes, flues or chimneys to install.

No maintenance required so no additional costs. Dedicated after-sales technical support team if an issue arises. Extended guarantees of up to 20 years for peace of mind. No water-filled pipes so less risk of damage to property from leaking pipes.

No heat loss between power source and product. 100% of energy used is converted into heat. The average length of product lifespan is up to 50% longer than the average gas boiler.

A variety of energy-saving functions included:

Open Windows – detects a drop in temperature and moves product into energy saving anti-frost mode to prevent excessive consumption.

Efficiency indicator – located on 1.77” TFT screen so can easily see how efficient the product is working.

USER mode – set a limited temperature range with minimum and maximum. Product never goes above this range.

Low consumption technology – Fuzzy Logic Energy control. Predicts amount of energy required and maintains a stable temperature within +/-0.25ºC.


Assuring thermal comfort for patients can be beneficial for the improvement of their health. Therefore, complete control and advanced programming are needed. The main idea behind adding connectivity features into appliances is to give users convenience and make every property more efficient by consuming less electricity. Little do most users know that using a connectable heating solution can help cut annual heating costs by up to 30%.

Healthcare sector heating needs:

24/7 programming – Ability to program heating appliances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Complete control from one location – Ideal situation to control all products from one location or on the go.

Easy to see consumption and cost statistics – Ideally include real-time monitoring so can prevent excessive consumption at any time and meet changing needs of patients and staff.

Prevent tampering with product – Need to be able to prevent product misuse or tampering, easily and quickly.

 Rointe electric heating solutions:

A variety of options available for 24/7 programming:

Free Rointe Connect app – compatible with D Series range.

4 smart pre-set programs – incorporated within Kyros range.

AIR Control remote – uses infrared communication for sending and receiving commands between product and remote. Compatible with D Series and Kyros range.

BASIC Control remote – uses infrared communication for sending commands to product. Compatible with Kyros range.

With the D Series range, a built-in Wi-Fi module is included, allowing the user to control all the features of our D Series products together or individually from your smartphone, tablet or PC using the free Rointe Connect app. From this moment on, the user’s smartphone will work as a switchboard for easy temperature and consumption control. The app also allows the possibility to distribute the products by zones (i.e. wards or floors in a building) and subzones (i.e. rooms) without a limit on the number of rooms or linked products.

The app also allows you to view the True Real Power (real-time energy consumption reports) by day, month or year along with the ability to configure different kWh prices for each hour of the day. It will also send warnings, notifications and recommendations direct to your device so you can save on consumption using this in-depth information.

Each of our products come with remote locking options, either from the Rointe Connect app, our remote controls or the product itself. You have peace of mind that your patients, visitors and staff cannot tamper with the settings.

What we can offer

We have two distinctive ranges, the D Series and Kyros. Both are made of the highest quality materials and come with up to 20 years guarantee on the product body and 2 years on the electronics

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