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Author: Rointe

Create the perfect learning environment with our safe, controllable and efficient integrated heating systems. Suitable for every educational building.

Universities throughout Europe can spend an average of £8.10 per square metre for heating. Considering the vast majority of educational institutions are quite large in size, that’s a substantial expense to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building.

With that being said, it’s important to consider all options in terms of lowering the monthly costs associated with utilities. This helps to not only lower operational costs but on fees charged to students as well.

With so many affordable heating solutions available from us, it’s impossible to imagine choosing a more expensive competitor that could also be far less reliable. If you’re in the market for affordable and above-industry-standard heating equipment, we have a diverse selection of products for you to consider.

The needs of schools across the UK

Schools across the United Kingdom are not only faced with the challenge of maintaining their current operating needs but to also cut budgetary expenses for an ever-increasing number of students. According to the Department of Education, schools are said to lose up to a total of £4.6 billion by 2019, out of the entire industry’s budget. This means, although there will be an influx of new students every year; institutions will be required to stretch their funds to accommodate everyone.

This is one of the main reasons as to why more establishments in the educational sector are researching ways to cut costs, particularly in terms of utilities such as heating. Factors that need to be taken into consideration are:

  • Heating classrooms

Especially during the colder months of the year, classrooms are supposed to be a place for students to be able to learn comfortably. This not only applies to classrooms within the main building but portable classrooms as well. The more uncomfortable a work-space is, the less likely it is for children to perform well.

Not only does temperature have a significant impact on individual student’s test scores, but also on the reputation of the school. Schools that have a higher-grade average per student are more likely to have a better reputation, receive more funding and acquire more illustrious students.

According to a study conducted by Healthy Schools, students that are placed in classrooms that are either too hot or too cold perform poorly compared to students in controlled temperatures (room temperature).

Luckily, our heating solutions give you complete control over the temperature of your classroom, especially in terms of variations of heat and cold. Each component of our integrated heating system gives a precise variation of only ±0.25ºC, in comparison to ±2ºC with competing heating solutions. This proves that there will be little to no variation in temperature over the duration of the school day. Giving you the ability to help students work in an optimal environment for optimum performance.

  • Heating cafeterias and eateries

Much like it’s important to ensure classrooms are heated, educational institutions also need to pay special attention to creating comfortable temperatures in cafeterias and eateries. No matter if you opt for radiators or underfloor heating systems, our ranges give you the ability to control temperatures to maximise food safety.

Food-borne illnesses that are derived as a result of improper food temperatures affect numerous children annually. In fact, according to, over 42,000 infants and young students are at-risk for salmonella infections. The more controlled the temperatures are in eateries, the easier it is to manage safe food throughout lunch and recreational periods.

  • Heating lounges, common areas, and dormitories

As students get older and have more freedom to visit student lounges and common areas, they deserve a place to relax and feel comfortable. Also, if you are housing students away from home, they need just as much comfort. This is particularly true for university and college students, as they need a mental break from the everyday stresses of their coursework.

According to the Sleep Council in the UK, the most important factor for a good night’s rest is temperature. The more controlled your environment is, the easier is to de-stress and relax.

  • The price benefit of installing our heating solutions in educational institutions

Now that you are aware of what the majority of schools throughout the UK are looking for in their chosen heating solutions, it’s important to remember that these need to be addressed within a minimal budget. Although it can be a dream to offer a luxurious environment for students, what cost would be associated with the task?

When it comes to choosing our electric heating systems over other types of heating, it’s important to take cost and other features into consideration.

  • Creating stable room temperatures

As mentioned, our installations give you the ability to create stable room temperatures. Did you know that the average person would spend up to 3% more per degree on heating every time they adjust their thermostat? With such a low variation of temperature (a variation of ±0.25ºC), we make it easier to save more.

This is also true when you consider how your heated air will make its way throughout the school. In comparison to forced air, where heated air will constantly be pushed out even with the slightest drop in temperature, our products rely on natural convection. As the warmth from your radiator is distributed through the air, convection helps to circulate the heat to encompass the entirety of a room.

  • 24/7 programming

Our modern towel rails, radiators, water heaters and new underfloor heating are also technologically advanced. With the help of the free Rointe Connect app, you’ll be able to create a central control system for every single product in your installation.

Once the Rointe Connect app is downloaded, you can access independent statistics for every installed product, no matter if it’s in a classroom or a bathroom. You’ll also be able to review your total amount of energy consumption in real-time.

Another interesting feature it offers is the ability to react to changing schedules. This means you can turn the entirety of your heating system off at the end of the school day and turn it on an hour before the day starts to help maximise the efficiency of your building. You’ll be able to save more than 10% on your monthly heating costs just by using a programmable heating solution.

All our products come with 24/7 programming options, including the second-generation Kyros range. This essential collection also includes four pre-set programs already installed so you can simply choose the program that best suits your needs at the touch of a button, and our products will heat according to the schedule.

  • Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology

The patented, tested and tried Fuzzy Logic Energy Control is something that you will only be able to find in our products and it is attributed to the majority of your energy savings. It is designed to ensure that every single aspect of your heating system uses less energy than you could imagine, helping you to achieve a non-consumption coefficient of approximately 62% of nominal power.

This powerful low consumption technology works by improving the energy management required to maintain a stable temperature within a variation of only +/- 0.25ºc. The technology will also predict the amount of energy needed to reach the set temperature, maximising cost savings.

The extra benefits of relying on Rointe heating solutions

Aside from all of the money your school will be able to save, there are plenty of other benefits to be had from installing Rointe heating solutions, including:

  • Heating the rooms you need: You’ll no longer have to worry about forced air heating rooms that are unoccupied during the day. Simply programme your products to ensure classrooms are heated for specific periods or turned off if the room is set to be unoccupied. With the new USER mode, your programming schedule has a COMFORT, ECO or OFF mode, so you can program each hour of every day with the exact temperature you need.
  • Used in conjunction with other heating systems: There’s no need to completely overhaul your entire existing heating system, as Rointe products can work just as well alongside other heating solutions. You’ll simply have access to better quality heating in the most important areas of your educational institution.
  • Customisable and programmable features: Since you will have downloaded the Rointe Connect app (compatible with our D-SERIES range), you will have constant access to real-time consumption statistics 7 days a week, 365 days per year. When it comes to programming schedules, you can do so hour-by-hour or day-by-day. All you need is access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection. You also have the ability to control individual units, zones (such as entire floors), or the entire installation.
  • Lockable temperature settings: The person who is responsible for setting the average temperature of your school will be the only person with access to the temperature controls. Each of our products comes with a keypad lock setting so there’s no need to worry about the misuse of radiators, whether by teachers or students.
  • Safe and reliable: With incredibly low surface temperatures, our heating solutions are ideal not only for upper education institutions but primary schools as well. Approximately 1 person in the UK is burned or scalded in an accident every 11.5 minutes. With lockable temperature settings and low surface temperatures, students will be safe and secure.
  • Health benefits: Perfect for students with respiratory illnesses, our heating systems rely solely on natural air convection. As over 40% of children in the UK suffer from allergies, it’s important to find a healthy heating solution. This helps to prevent the likelihood of allergens and airborne illnesses being pushed throughout a building with forced air.


The best choice for heating within the educational sector

No matter how you look at it, our heating solutions are recommended for schools and universities of every size and any budget. Whether you intend on overhauling your entire heating system or if you need a couple of radiators to replace less efficient units, we can help to meet your every need.