How does Brexit affect us?

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Author: Rointe

Whilst many remain uncertain on Brexit, we want to tell our customers that it has not and will not affect Rointe. Read our latest Brexit blog post here.

So much is going on with Brexit, that it’s hard to keep up with all the facts. In this era of change many remain undecided, unclear and uncertain on the impact that any type of Brexit may have.

Britain’s decision to quit the European Union has caused doubt across the continent, with many companies on both sides considering the risks.

Rointe are no exception, but we are certain of one thing. Our fundamental objective remains the same:

To ensure we offer an excellent and continuous service and supply to our customers, wherever they are. We will do our utmost to make sure that this happens without a detrimental effect on our customers.

The Rointe business in the U.K. continues to develop very well, with strong sales and growth in key areas and markets. With this in mind, we want to reassure our customers that Brexit will not have a foreseeable impact on our business model.

·  To mitigate any potential obstacles with stock, we have raised our stock levels in UK to cover current and future demand. This means your products are still available and ready to be dispatched.

·  We’ve also opened a new distribution centre in Ireland, which also holds stock of Rointe electric heating products.

·  We’ve no plans to increase prices this year. In fact, we’ve not raised our prices for the last 3 years and Brexit will not change this.

·  We source high-quality European components, so there are absolutely no issues with the availability of raw materials.

·  We’re also researching and developing contingency plans for transport and shipping, so our customers will not be affected by any potential introduction or increase in border checks. This includes alternative routes and methods for transporting goods into the UK from the EU.

Even though it may be uncertain times for the UK, what’s certain is maintaining our levels of excellence and service. As a business, we embrace change and always look positively towards the future for both ourselves and our customers.

Whilst it is impossible to predict what will happen, we are planning for many possible Brexit eventualities across all areas of our business. This is so we can ensure the very best service and product for our customers.

If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0203 321 5928 or send us an email to

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