Is it possible to save energy on your heating?

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To save energy on your heating can sometimes be a difficult task. We’re going to show you just how to achieve it with Rointe heating systems.

We know that the cost-of-living crisis affects many people. And that it’s scary to look at your electricity bill after enjoying your heating for a cold month. Maybe you have already thought about how to reduce your electricity consumption but aren’t sure how to implement it. Or you have bought your heating system without thinking about its consumption, because after all, they all work the same way and have the same consumption, don’t they?

Well, we’re here to tell you that this is not the case, and at Rointe it’s something we’re very clear about. We have always worked to increase the energy savings of our electric radiators, whilst still offering maximum comfort. And that’s why we’ve developed specific energy-saving technologies and functions. It’s in our DNA.

energy saving in your invoice
Rointe show you how to save money in your invoice

Our energy saving functions and features

If energy saving is a concern for you, you should know about Rointe’s different energy saving functions. They’re developed specifically by our experts to help you to reduce consumption, maximise efficiency and ultimately, save you money.

  • Open Windows.

This function is activated if the radiator detects a temperature drop of 4°C in less than 30 minutes. This will activate the anti-frost mode (7°C). This avoids unnecessary energy consumption.

  • Adaptive Start

If your radiator is in programming mode, it will learn the optimum time (up to 2 hours) to start heating at minimal consumption to reach the exact temperature you want, at the exact moment you want it. This means the user doesn’t have to guess the programming, removing wasted energy from potentially long pre warming periods.

  • User mode

Thanks to this function you can set temperature limits for the product. Both upper and lower limits. This is especially useful when you want to save energy, as it restricts what temperatures can be modified, preventing wasted energy from high temperatures. It’s great for schools, rental properties and care homes.

  • Remote Lock

This action can be carried out through the Rointe Connect app, the product control panel or one of Rointe’s remote controls. You can lock the product’s keypad, preventing the programming and temperature from being changed.

  • Hotel mode

Exclusively available through the Rointe Connect app, this function combines User mode with Remote Lock. This means that you can set temperature limits and establish that only those with access to your installation on your app can modify the temperature. Of course, it’s an ideal function for hotels!

  • Consumption indicators

Our products have a green, yellow and red indicator within the control panel, that links the set temperature to the resulting energy consumption. So, you can easily see how your product is performing energy wise.

Rointe Connect energy savings
Thanks to the Rointe Connect functions you will be able to control your electricity consumption

Smart controls

It’s not just functions built within the products that can help you to save energy on your heating. The way you control your heating system can also help you manage your consumption and cost in real-time.

For example, in our Rointe Connect app (compatible with our WiFi ranges), there are features and reports built-in and accessible with a simple swipe, and they amount to 10% in energy savings!

  • Our True Real Power consumption meter is integrated into our WiFi range to help manage and see consumption in real-time.
  • Reports showing the consumption and cost data of your heating system with various ways to filter the data.
  • Ability to limit your consumption by setting limits, which the app notifies you of if you are about to exceed the maximum consumption set.
  • Create scenarios based on geo-location to switch off or on your heating when you’re leaving or arriving home.
  • Easy scheduling with our programming tool.

Take a look at our chart to help you identify which energy-saving functions you can find in our radiators:

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Energy saving functions in Rointe Radiators

Energy saving technology

In addition to specific product functions, we’ve also developed exclusive technologies, designed and patented by us, to save energy on your heating.

They work by analysing the thermal variations of the environment. And with this information they manage the energy required to maintain stable temperatures, obtaining maximum comfort in the most efficient way. With 2 technologies to choose from, you can achieve an equivalent non-consumption coefficient of up to 62%.

This means that on average, Rointe radiators only use up to 40% of their nominal power.

Rointe have always been at the forefront of technology. That’s why in 2010 we developed our first patented technology, Optimizer Energy Plus.

Our objective was to achieve maximum energy efficiency in our Sygma radiators, by achieving precise control of the room temperature. Its success is due to the powerful microprocessors, which can calculate the energy needed to keep the temperature stable. It then uses high frequency micro-cuts in the power supply to the heating element, reducing the energy needed.

This fact has been tested and proven in independent laboratories. In the prestigious CEIS laboratory we were able to prove the effectiveness of our technology. Demonstrating that the Rointe radiator only needed 40% of its nominal power to maintain the temperature of a room at 21°C. This means that we can achieve an equivalent consumption coefficient of 60% of the nominal power of the product.

Energy saving technology
Rointe Technology compared with other systems

Optimizer Energy Plus can be found in the following radiators:

Next, came Fuzzy Logic Energy Control. We wanted to improve on the success of Optimizer Energy Plus helping to save even more energy. How does it work? By sending micro electrical impulses to the heating element and analysing thermal variations with an accuracy of ± 0.25ºC, compared to 2ºC in other external products.

This technology proportionally reduces the energy demand needed to reach and maintain the desired temperature.

Compared to the previous technology, with it we increase the coefficient of non-consumption to 62%. Now, Rointe radiators with Fuzzy Logic Energy Control only use 38% of their nominal power.

It can be found can be found in the following radiators:

Technology, together with the presence of thermal fluid or natural stone, and a high purity aluminium body, means our radiators transfer heat to the environment in the most efficient way.

Radiator with energy saving functions
Belize Radiator with energy saving functions

So, can two radiators have different consumption?

Yes they can. They can have identical sizes, heating elements and nominal powers, but due to the technology and functions in that product, their efficiency can be very different.

In a comparative test, carried out in a climatic chamber by CETENMA and under the same conditions, our Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology proved that it saves an extra 6% of the electric power against the Optimizer Energy Plus, further reducing the equivalent coefficient of consumption to only 38%.

This proves, that whilst a radiator can have identical nominal powers, their effective power differs greatly. That’s why it’s so important to check the energy-saving functions and technology in any heating product you want to purchase.

If you want, you can ask us for a copy of the test. And you can check the results for yourself.

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