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Discover our new range of efficient unvented ✅ electric water heaters ✅ in our blog. They are the ideal solution to meet your domestic hot water needs.

At Rointe, we believe that everyone needs efficient and affordable heating.

It gives us great satisfaction to offer a wide range of energy-efficient, hot water heaters fit our customers’ need for warmth and comfort.

Our new range of innovative unvented water heaters are the ideal solutions to meet your domestic hot water needs. With five new advanced products including storage water heaters with/without WiFi, tankless, compact and instant/on-demand, along with an aerothermal heat pump, ranging from energy class A to C.

Our new collection provides maximum comfort combined with energy efficiency.

The Rome connected is an unvented water heater with a C energy classification and built-in Wi-Fi for complete control using your smartphone.

You can adjust temperatures and view your real-time consumption along with costs anytime, anywhere using the free Rointe Connect app.

It’s a WiFi connected solution that also includes important safety functions like an exclusive thermal break system to help reduce energy losses by up to 16% and an anti-legionella function (designed to protect the water heating system against this harmful bacteria).

With a magnesium anode and CFC-free insulation foam, the Rome connected unvented water heater is a safe and reliable product that provides comfort combined with efficiency.

Available in two models: 80 litres and 150 litres.

The Siena digital is an electric unvented water heater with four pre-installed programs, designed to make life easier. These exclusive editable programs will keep your installation perfectly programmed at the push of a button and can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Plus icon-based visual menus and infrared communication make programming simple. 

The new Siena digital water heater combines advanced technology with an enamelled steel tank. 

Important safety functions like anti-legionella and temperature evolution are also included, along with a ceramic heating element to heat quickly and efficiently.

Other features include Anti-frost/Eco/Comfort modes, touch control panel and an anti-legionella function.

Available in two models: 80 litres and 150 litres.

The Dalis heat pump and storage tank is an “all in one” solution for domestic hot water with an A energy rating. An aerothermal system that extracts heat from the air outside to provide hot water for your home.

Includes exclusive functions like automatic defrost (passive & air), thermal circuit breaker with auto reset, boost function and anti-legionella.

A virtually silent system with an enamelled steel tank, insulated by 50mm thick PU insulation. Includes submerged heating elements to heat water quickly and a magnesium anode.

These safe and reliable heat pumps provide maximum comfort combined with energy efficiency.

Available in four models: 200 litres (with exchanger), 260 litres (with exchanger), 200 litres (without exchanger) and 260 litres (without exchanger).

At only 41cm in height, the Venice compact water heater is perfect for residential and commercial properties and with an energy rating of B, it is an efficient way to add hot water to your sink.

There are two versions to choose from: outputs on the top or bottom for under or over sink use, so you can choose the solution that best meets your needs.

The Venice compact includes an external thermal regulator and an enamelled steel tank with a submerged copper heating element.

Other features include a magnesium anode protector, safety valve and a modern white and black finish. These safe and reliable water heaters provide efficiency and comfort in a compact form.

Available in four models: 10 litres (bottom output over sink), 10 litres (top output under sink), 15 litres (bottom output over sink) and 15 litres (top output under sink).

The Capri instant water heater has an energy rating of A and provides instant hot water to your sink.

It can be mounted in any position thanks to 360º installation, has a compact size and is a lightweight, tankless solution for instant hot water on demand.

Suitable for domestic and commercial use, the Capri instant water heater includes water temperature stabilisation, overheating protection and a working light indicator. 

These safe and reliable water heaters provide efficient, instant and comfortable hot water.

Available in two models: 4 litres/minute and 4.6 litres/minute.

Rointe electric water heaters are manufactured with the highest quality components. From special enamel to protect the interior tank to an exclusive thermal break system, we ensure their reliability under any circumstance.

Designed with the latest advances in safety and consumption measurement, our electric water heaters are some of the most efficient on the market.

Learn more about our range of electric heating systems including radiators, towel rails, domestic hot water heaters, underfloor heating and smart heating controls.

You can also buy Rointe heating systems now from our online shop.

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