BASIC Control – one-way infrared remote control

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The BASIC Control remote is compatible with: Kyros | Sygma | Siena



· Infrared communication – send
· Electronics with SMD technology
· 1.77″ TFT screen
· Compact mechanical keypad
· Complete control over Rointe heating systems
· 4 quick access buttons to pre-installed programming


The editable pre-installed programming available in the BASIC Control helps to save energy in Kyros and Sygma radiators and towel rails, without affecting thermal comfort.


Offering complete control over your heating, the BASIC Control remote is an easy to use remote control with infrared communication. You can easily send commands to your Rointe heating product for quick programming 24/7. With a transmitting range of up to 3 m, you can lock your products remotely. Includes 4 quick buttons to access and activate the pre-installed programming. Consists of a compact keypad and durable casing.


The BASIC Control is compatible with: Kyros | Sygma | Siena

Infrared Control

The BASIC Control remote has infrared communication

4 quick access buttons to pre-installed programs

Manual / Automatic function

Erase memory

Remote product locking

Effective power display

24/7 programming

Product Reference BCMI10-
A - Width 58 mm
B - Height 155 mm
C -Depth 16 mm
Material PC/ABS
Battery 3Vdc
Transmitting range 3 m
Weight 98 g
Finish White RAL 9010
EAN Code 8436045915863

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