Projects & technical studies

We provide a dedicated team of professionals at your service that can offer you the best heating solution to meet the needs of your project, before, during and after installation. They are on hand to guide you towards the right heating system and carry out careful monitoring to ensure all work meets the quality and service our brand demands.


Made up of specialised engineers, our team will personally calculate the details and sizes you need for a perfect heating installation.


You’ll be provided with a bespoke technical study for your project, free of charge.


360º service

We know how important it is to choose the right product for your project, before, during and after installation. That’s why our dedicated team offers expert heating advice, free technical studies and services necessary for the successful development of any projects. 


We provide you with a complete technical heat loss study to determine the correct heating solution for your needs.

Send us your CAD plan or drawing and we can:

  • Calculate the area and volume of each space based on room dimensions
  • Determine the amount of energy required to heat the area
  • Recommend the type and quantity of products to be installed
  • Provide a heating consumption cost analysis according to the climatic location


We are CPD providers.

Rointe offers a variety of courses for professionals, designed to improve their knowledge and professional development. These courses are aimed at teaching participants about new products and technologies to engage professionals.


With more than 30 years of experience in the heating industry, our CPD courses and tours will help you acquire accredited knowledge, alongside useful information on how to improve and provide efficient heating systems.


Thousands of satisfied customers.

Discover some of the successful projects that Rointe runs throughout the world and learn why our electric solutions are the future of heating.

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