These modern radiator covers are specially designed by Rointe to ensure no direct contact with the radiator surface.


They are the stylish and smart way to protect your radiator and your family when needed.

These stylish protective grills and covers are available for the Rointe D Series, Kyros, Belize and Sygma radiator ranges.

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D Series, Kyros, Belize & Sygma standard

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Kyros, Belize & Sygma short


D Series, Kyros, Sygma & Belize.

Choose covers to suit your Rointe radiator with ranges for the D Series, Kyros, Sygma, Belize and our “short” ranges.


When fitted, they ensure that no one can come into direct contact with the radiator surface eliminating the risk of accidents, burns or damage to the radiator and the user.


It also prevents tampering with the control panel to better manage energy effectively.


Protect your loved ones.

Installation of these radiator covers is recommended in high-risk buildings such as:


· Hospitals

· Children’s nurseries

· Care homes for the disabled or elderly

· Restaurants

· Public establishments.


They are designed to be wall-mounted over the radiator, allowing optimal natural convection for heating the room.


For any interior design.

We use only the best materials when manufacturing our covers, to ensure our radiators function properly without heat loss or interfering with the natural convection process.


High quality lacquered metal with small but effective ventilation holes give a professional finish that fits with any interior design.

We take the quality of our products one step further. Our radiator covers include a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind.

Radiator covers are ideal for rooms occupied by high-risk people, like children and the elderly. They prevent access to the radiator surface, preventing burns from direct contact, and prevent access to the control panel so you ensure your settings are not tampered with.


However, they will not alter the level of warmth our radiators provide. They are well designed with ventilation holes across the grill to allow heat to dissipate easily. 

Yes, it will. It is specially designed so that the emission of heat is not affected and thus does not damage the quality of the product. Radiator covers are designed with ventilation holes, in a grill style, so heat can still be transferred via natural convection to the room.