Control your heating anytime, anywhere, with Rointe Connect – the smart heating app for the Rointe connected WiFi controlled heating range.

Heating control from your smartphone.

Designed for easy operation by any type of user, Rointe Connect offers multiple advantages when it comes to your heating: individual or zone control of your Rointe connected products, creation of multiple installations in a single application, push notifications, plus manage your energy consumption and costs.

The Rointe Connect app works on smartphones and tablets, plus there is a web platform app for PC’s.

Complete control

Control all your connected heating products from the same app with the swipe of a finger.


Available for smartphones and tablets, plus PC through the web app.

Consumption statistics

View statistics and reports like consumption, temperature and savings.

Scalable system

Configure single products or entire rooms, floors, homes, businesses and multiple facilities.

Iphones showing Rointe Connect app installation, add product, global temperature and installation assistant screens

Smart guide

Installation assistant that guides you step by step through the process.

Weather prediciton

Be prepared for bad weather with the advanced 7-day weather forecast.

Push notifications

Alerts, warnings and push notifications from the app to your device.

Global temperature

Set the same temperature for all products within the same installation.


Rointe Connect app products

The Rointe Connect app works with our WiFi controlled heating range:


Your products learn your daily routine.

The Rointe Connect app includes the possibility to create environments.

You can automate actions and changes, such as activating your products according to the time of day or your location. Just set it once and then relax.


Program your heating to turn on as you're arriving home.


Program your heating to switch on at a certain time of the day.


Activate certain environments depending on who is at home.

Download the Rointe Connect app now.

Home automation heating control.

Using E·Life Technology, the first direct communication system with real-time synchronization on the electric heating market.

Unlike other heating solutions, the high-speed connection between the product Wi-Fi module and E·Life technology means the Rointe WiFi controlled range does not need gateways, additional connections or terminals to communicate.


With real-time synchronisation and the fastest responding system on the market (immediate response capacity of 270 milliseconds), any change made via the app updates instantly in your product.

Rointe Connect app on smartphone controlling D Series radiator in living room via WiFi router


No gateways. No waiting.

Each connected product contains an individual built-in Wi-Fi module with E·Life technology to connect directly to your Wi-Fi with high-speed transmission.


You won’t need additional gateways, routers or terminals as each product is independent of another and connects separately.


If one fails, the issue is isolated and doesn’t affect other products in your heating installation, guaranteeing comfort when you need it.

Rointe Connect app showing management of all heating installations and product in a home


Immediate response.

Thanks to the fast response of E·Life technology and real-time synchronisation, the connected products instantly update any changes made from the app.


Data is sent securely via the internet to reliable servers in the cloud (reliability rating of 99.9%).


This makes Rointe connected products the fastest and safest connected heating system on the market.

Download the Rointe Connect app now.


See how efficient your heating system is.

From the Rointe Connect app, you can access the E·fficiency section to quickly see data on energy consumption and costs, both in kWh and in GBP, as well as other information about the use of your heating.

Rointe Connect app on smartphone showing efficiency statistics

Energy consumption

Custom statistics so you know the real energy consumption per installation, zone or product by hour, day or month.

Costs in your currency

Simply enter your tariff price and you will be able to see the real cost of your daily, monthly and annual heating.

Average temperatures

See the temperature data read by the thermostat and probe compared to the one established in the products.

Accumulated savings

View your accumulated savings provided by installed Rointe radiators compared to other heating systems.

Alexa, turn my heating on.

You can now control your products through Rointe Connect, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It makes managing your heating system even easier.

With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, there’s no need to approach your products or the control panel. Using just your voice, you can remotely control your Rointe connected heating system, both in and outside of the home. Ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to perform the action and enjoy effortless smart comfort.


Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is compatible with the following Rointe products:


D Series radiators | D Series towel rails | Rome connected water heaters | CT.2 thermostat

Woman asking Amazon Alexa to switch her Rointe heating system on

Our brand new smartphone application, Rointe Lite, controls our new range of Belize WiFi radiators and Olympia WIFI radiators

It’s the most advanced way to have control over the Belize and Olympia range from the palm of your hand.

Rointe Connect LITE app on smartphone showing all heating installations in a home

Download the Rointe Lite app now.

Rointe Connect LITE app showing temperature control over a Belize radiator


For Belize and Olympia basic WiFi radiators

The Rointe Lite app allows you to control our Belize WiFi radiators and Olympia WIFI radiators easily. Based on the Rointe Connect app, the Lite version takes the most practical aspects and transfers them to an easy to use app available for smartphone and tablets.

You can control your product temperature, switch on and off your radiators, activate one of the 4 preset heating programs and see the heating cost.

It includes features like an actual day weather forecast and the ability to change the radiator screen colour.

Belize basic Wifi aluminium oil filled radiator standard and short conservatory size in white

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