The latest bathroom heater range from Rointe.

Discover the new range of SELECT electric towel rails from Rointe. 

Featuring a specially selected range of bathroom radiators and heaters designed for comfort, simplicity and style.

CIRCE chrome SELECT electric towel rail on black background

The SELECT electric towel rail collection allows you to mix and match your preferred design and control panel for a tailored bathroom radiator to suit you.


The three new control panels provide differing levels of control for greater flexibility over your heating. Choose from the simple on/off control with the Pro or have 24/7 programming with the Digital panel.

Pro control panel from the Rointe SELECT towel rail collection


Simple control with ON/OFF.

Simple and easy to use, our Pro control has an on/off control button with an operation indicator light for straightforward bathroom heating.


There’s no difficult programming or functions, just turn on and off as you wish. Plus it has an operation indicator light so you know when your towel rail is active and heating.


Available for:

Elba, Giza, Lyon, Tovare, Loira, Circe

Oval control panel from the Rointe SELECT towel rail collection


Preset heating programs.

Our compact Oval control panel has mechanical buttons and 6 preset temperature modes, so you can choose the best temperature to suit your needs and the towel rail will keep your bathroom temperature even and efficient as programmed. It’s the new, convenient smart heating solution.


It also includes LED indicators and a max power mode for up to 2 hours. 


You can also program your Oval towel rail easily using one of our remote controls: AIR or BASIC (sold separately).


Available for:

Elba, Giza, Lyon, Tovare, Torino, Impero, Loira, Circe

Digital control panel from the Rointe SELECT towel rail collection


Advanced 24/7 digital programming.

A compact, digital control panel with an LCD screen. It’s easy to use with 24 hours, 7 days a week programming, a colour scale consumption indicator and 4 preset heating programs.


With these editable pre-installed programs, you simply select the program that best suits your needs and the control panel will automatically keep your heating perfectly programmed.


It also includes a 2-hour maximum power mode for those situations when you need a warmth boost and a colour scale consumption indicator so you can easily see your energy consumption and act accordingly for sustainable heating.


Available for:

Elba, Giza

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Rointe Impero electric towel rail with Oval control panel in a white bathroom