With our range of smart home heating controls you can program your Rointe heating system 24/7, even from the palm of your hand.

Rointe Connect smart app for home heating control over temperature, cost and consumption

Wide range of smart home heating controls.

Smart heating controls can transform your home heating and help save you money on your electric heating bills. They also allow you to have greater control over your heating and costs, from both inside and outside the home.


Discover our smart heating controls today and find a more intelligent way to control your Rointe heating system.

Smartphones with Rointe Connect app open to manage temperature and view cost and consumption

Smartphone apps

Rointe AIR control infrared remote in white

Infrared remote control

Rointe BASIC Control infrared remote in white

Infrared remote control

Rointe CT thermostat in white and black. Available in WiFi or non WiFi models.

WiFi/non WiFi thermostats

Rointe ST thermostats in white or black

Programmable thermostats

Smart heating control outside the home.

Thanks to built-in WiFi in our WiFi controlled products, plus E·Life technology, your smartphone is now the easy wireless heating control you’ve always wanted.


You can control your Rointe heating products easily, anytime, anywhere with the Rointe Connect heating control app for iOS, Android and web platform.

Rointe Connect app showing management of all heating installations and product in a home


Control where and when you need it.

Designed for easy management and suitable for every type of user, the Rointe Connect heating control app gives you complete oversight of your heating system directly from your smartphone.

You can adjust temperatures, view real-time consumption, manage costs and lock each product remotely. Rointe Connect puts the comfort of your home in the palm of your hand.

Compatible with:

D Series | Rome connected water heaterCT.2 thermostat for underfloor heating.

No gateways & no waiting.

Unlike other heating solutions, the high-speed connection between the radiators built-in WiFi and E·Life technology means the D Series WiFi controlled radiators do not need gateways, additional connections or terminals to communicate.


Each product is independent of another and connects separately. So if one fails, the problem is isolated and does not affect other products in your installation.


With real-time synchronisation and the fastest responding system on the market (immediate response in 270 milliseconds), any change made via the Rointe Connect heating control app updates your product instantly.

Rointe connected heating system of radiators, towel rails, underfloor and water heater controlled by Rointe Connect app

Alexa, turn my heating on.

You can now control your products through Rointe Connect and Alexa. It makes managing your heating system even easier.

With Alexa heating controls, there’s no need to approach your products or the control panel. Using just your voice, you can remotely control your Rointe connected heating system, both in and outside of the home. Ask Alexa to perform the action and enjoy effortless smart comfort.


Amazon Alexa is compatible with the following Rointe products:

D Series radiators | D Series towel rails | Rome connected water heaters | CT.2 thermostat

Woman asking Amazon Alexa to switch her Rointe heating system on

Discover the Rointe heating products and sizes you need for your installation in a few easy steps.

Smart remote heating control outside the home.

If you want to manage your products inside the comfort of your home, the smart infrared remote controls and thermostats by Rointe are the perfect solution.

Rointe AIR control remote in white mounted on wall

Advanced infrared remote control.

The infrared AIR Control remote arose from the need to allow complete control of all Rointe products via a single device. This smart heating control allows you to easily manage and program your heating products comfortably from your sofa.

It has two-way infrared communication, so you can send and receive commands to your product with a transmitting range of up to 3 metres.

Compatible with:

Kyros | Sygma | Siena digital water heater

Rointe BASIC control remote in white on table

Easy to use with pre-installed programs.

The Rointe BASIC Control is specially designed for easy programming of your heating product. It offers complete smart heating control using infrared communication, so you can send commands directly to your product using the compact keypad.

It includes 4 ready to use, editable pre-installed programs via the quick access buttons to keep your heating perfectly programmed.

Compatible with:

Kyros | Sygma | Siena digital water heater

Rointe CT thermostat in black for underfloor heating control

WiFi underfloor heating control

The CT.2 thermostat is our smart control with Wi-Fi connection for Rointe underfloor heating systems.


With a touch screen design and compatibility with the Rointe Connect app and Amazon Alexa, it’s more than just a smart heating control. It’s an intelligent home platform that’s simple to install and easy to manage.


Compatible with:

Milos underfloor | Erko underfloor

Rointe ST2 programmable thermostat for underfloor heating control

Programmable thermostat.

The ST.2 thermostat is a smart heating control for Rointe underfloor heating systems with 24/7 programming.


It’s easy to use and can be installed in minutes, allowing you to quickly program Rointe underfloor systems from the compact keypad. Using just 4 buttons, you can adjust and set your temperature and switch between the smart heating controls with ease.


Compatible with:

Milos underfloor | Erko underfloor

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