with smart timer and thermostat

Rointe Sygma radiators are a slim heating system, competitively priced digital heating solution with 24/7 programming, exclusively for contractors.


Sygma radiators are only available for projects.

Rointe Sygma smart timer electric radiator in white wall mounted in living room

The Sygma radiator surrounds your home, hotel or school with comfortable, even and efficient heat, thanks to its advanced technology – Optimizer Energy Plus. This patented technology consumes on average only 40% of its nominal power to maintain the temperature at 21ºC (according to independent tests).


Exclusively for contractors only, with our Sygma radiators, you will benefit from greater energy efficiency through a high-quality product at an unbeatable price.

Optimizer Energy Plus

Patented technology that optimises the energy consumption of Sygma radiators to increase your energy savings without affecting comfort.

A non-consumption coefficient of 60% of the nominal power is achieved.

Innovative design

The design of the Sygma radiators, both in the standard and short version, is distinguished by its interior fins that favour natural convection for even warmth.

Low temperatures

The quality and purity of the aluminium guarantees the Sygma radiator functions at a lower surface temperature (43ºC once steady working rate achieved).

Extended guarantees

Customer satisfaction is important to us. That's why Sygma radiators include 10 years guarantee on the aluminium body and 3 years on electronic components.


Smart savings. Maximum comfort.

Sygma radiators include Optimizer Energy Plus – a patented Rointe technology designed to maximise efficiency and keep temperatures stable. Studies have proved it only uses 40% of the product nominal power on average, set at 21ºC over a 24 hour period.


This specialised low consumption technology includes a state-of-the-art microprocessor that sends the necessary amount of energy needed for each moment, improving efficiency and consumption savings.


Optimizer Energy Plus stabilises room temperatures within a variation of only ±0.25ºC, compared to ±2ºC in other heating systems.

Lady saving money into a piggy bank from her heating bill


Individual control with smart timers.

The individual control of Sygma radiators allows you to set the time and temperature of each unit individually, achieving maximum comfort whilst saving on your consumption.


You can schedule more Comfort mode hours in spaces such as the living room or kitchen, which has a higher level of daily activity. On the contrary, in other areas such as the bedroom, which are usually only used for a limited period at night, it is much smarter to set lower temperatures by activating the Eco mode.


The easy way to program your Sygma radiator.

The new access menu on the Sygma radiator has been designed by Rointe’s R & D department for easy programming. Using smart icons, you can access all the functions quickly to keep your heating perfectly programmed.


The Sygma radiator includes a compact keypad with mechanical buttons and a 1.77″ TFT screen for easier control.

Exclusive functions that help you save.

All Rointe radiators include energy-saving features that help reduce consumption, like Open Windows.


This function is activated when the product probe detects a decrease in the ambient temperature of at least 4°C within a 30 minute time period. It then automatically activates the Anti-frost mode for a period of 2 hours, preventing excessive consumption.

Woman securing open window detected by Rointe electric radiator

Discover the Rointe heating products and sizes you need for your installation in a few easy steps.

Rointe Sygma oil-filled radiator wall-mounted in white in childrens bedroom with pink carpet and abacus

Even and comfortable heat throughout.

The heat dissipation of a radiator is fundamental to maintain an optimum standard of thermal comfort.


To achieve maximum heat distribution, high-quality aluminium is used in Sygma radiators that has been specially designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics. This results in higher thermal conductivity, optimising natural convection for better product performance and faster heating times.


The special design of Sygma radiators (balanced heating elements with internal fins), facilitates efficient natural convection. This helps to reach the desired temperature quickly, providing stable and even heat throughout the entire room.


Diagram of how natural heat convection works by heating air that rises when warm, as cool air flows into its place creating a thermal heating cycle


Control from the comfort of your sofa.

The AIR Control remote has been specially created to facilitate easy use and programming of Sygma radiators.


Using infrared communication, you can easily send commands to your product for quick programming 24/7. And with a transmitting range of up to 3m, you can lock your product remotely to prevent misuse, helping you save energy.

Sygma radiators are ideal for project installations like in hotels, schools, offices and nurseries. They're a great economical heater with easy programming and durable materials.

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Reduced height for smaller spaces.

Within the Sygma range, we have designed a reduced height radiator (only 420 mm high) – a space-saving solution for smaller spaces and walls. The Sygma short is ideal for conservatories, balconies or walls where, due to its height, a radiator with normal dimensions cannot be installed.


Available in 11, 13 or 15 elements.

Rointe Sygma short conservatory heater mounted to wall under window in bedroom

Technical specifications.

RADIATOR: dimensions, characteristics, performance & technology, electronics, communication, functions, installation, safety & regulations.

Stack of Rointe Sygma radiator in standard and short/conservatory height
No. elements | width x height x depth x installed depth

3 elements | 345 mm x 575 mm x 98 mm x 120 mm
5 elements | 505 mm x 575 mm x 98 mm x 120 mm
7 elements | 667 mm x 575 mm x 98 mm x 120 mm
9 elements | 827 mm x 575 mm x 98 mm x 120 mm
11 elements | 1,010 mm x 575 mm x 98 mm x 120 mm
13 elements | 1,180 mm x 575 mm x 98 mm x 120 mm
15 elements | 1,330 mm x 575 mm x 98 mm x 120 mm

11 elements | 1,010 mm x 420 mm x 98 mm x 120 mm
13 elements | 1,180 mm x 420 mm x 98 mm x 120 mm
15 elements | 1,330 mm x 420 mm x 98 mm x 120 mm
Armoured steel heating elements
Flame retardant side closures
Flat front design with interior top openings
Material: High purity aluminum
Biodegradable high heat transfer mineral thermal oil
Weight: from 8 to 32 kg
Finish: White RAL 9016
Performance & technology
Optimizer Energy Plus technology
Temperature stability: ± 0.25°C
Air speed: < 0.1m/s
Nominal power: standard height 110 W per element | short height 100 W per element
Effective power: standard height 40% = 44W per element
Voltage: 230 V ~
Current: from 1.5 A to 7.0 A
Rointe ULP4 microcontroller
Control panel with compact mechanical keypad
1.77" TFT screen
Infrared communication
Compatible with AIR Control remote
Anti-frost / Comfort / Eco mode
Manual / Automatic function
Open Windows function
24/7 programming
Compatible with pre-installed programs via BASIC Control remote
Easy to install
Wall mounted
Installed depth: 120 mm
Template & installation kit included
Safety & regulations
Safety thermostat
Average surface temp. once steady working rate reached: 43°C
IP24C protection grade
2004/108/CE Electromagnetic comp.
2006/95/CE Low voltage directive
Lot20 compliant (UE 2015/1188 ECODESIGN ERP)
Guarantee: 10 years on aluminium body + 3 years on electronics
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Not available online. If you are a contractor or have a large scale project, please contact us to discuss if the Sygma range meets your needs.