Dalis Pro Electric Air Source Heat Pump: Tank 200L/260L

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With an A+ energy rating, the Rointe Dalis Pro unvented electric heat pump and storage tank is an all-in-one system, designed for high-efficiency production of domestic hot water.


This efficient air source heat pump utilises heat transfer technology and rotary compression to extract heat from the air outside, ensuring the highest possible energy efficiency class.


Easy to install, this advanced air to water heat pump system is the ideal partner to Rointe electric radiators for a complete low carbon heating and hot water system, or as a standalone system.


· Nominal power: 1500 W
· Air source
· COP according to EN 16147-2017 A7/W55: 2.8 | 3.0
· Low noise emission – 53dB
· Anti-legionella disinfection cycle
· 24/7 programming
· Boost function
· Safety thermostat
· Thermal circuit breaker with auto reset
· Enamelled steel tank with magnesium anode
· Compatible with or without exchanger (solar PV connection)
· Size: 600 (di) x 1,721 (h) mm (200 L) | 600 (di) x 2,011 (h) mm (260 L)
· Maximum working pressure: 8 bars
· Guarantee: 5 years tank | 2 years electronics
· Suitable for 3 – 6 users


This product requires a mandatory Rointe installation kit (sold separately) for correct installation.

EAN code:

Rointe domestic hot water heaters are manufactured with high-quality components and include extended guarantees for your peace of mind.


Our new range of innovative water heaters are the ideal solutions to meet your domestic hot water needs. With advanced products including connected, digital, basic, compact and instant along with an air source heat pump. From special enamel to protect the interior tank to an exclusive thermal break system, we ensure their reliability under any circumstance. They include the latest advances in safety and consumption measurement.


Heat pumps provide both space and water heating, as well as cooling in one system. They work using a heat transfer process. They do not generate heat or convert electricity into thermal energy like conventional resistance heaters. Instead, they extract natural heat from one place and transfer it to another. Heat pumps use electricity to apply a little more energy to raise the temperature to the level required.


Whilst a heat pump will use an external energy source like electricity for the transfer process, the heat transfer can be three or four times larger than the electrical power consumed. This means that they have better energy efficiency than conventional electrical resistance heaters. For example, if a heat pump products 2.5 kilowatts of thermal energy, they actually use less than 1 kilowatt of electricity! This makes a heat pump system quite cheap to run and the most likely to reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more about heat pumps with our article here.


The Dalis Pro hot water heat pump is designed for high-efficiency production of domestic hot water. An air-source heat pump, the Dalis utilises “air to water” heat transfer technology ensuring the highest possible energy efficiency class (energy rating A+). This heat pump system is virtually silent and includes an enamelled steel tank that prevents water leakage, insulated by 50mm thick PU insulation to help reduce heat loss. It also includes submerged heating elements to heat water quickly and a magnesium anode to protect against limescale. Mandatory installation kit sold separately.


Features and benefits of the Dalis Pro air source heat pump:


  • Four heat pump models available

200 or 260 litres with heat exchanger (auxiliary source e.g. solar, boiler)

200 or 260 litres without heat exchanger


  • Energy-efficient

Highest energy efficiency class in its category (A+) with COP 2.8 (200 litres) and 3.0 (260 litres). Heats water up to 65ºC with heat pump only module. Electric heating element for faster heat up to reach temperatures of 75ºC.


  • Advanced operation

Includes Auto / Boost mode for easy programming. Sound power as low as 53 dB, making it suitable for use in all types of residential properties. Operates with incoming air temperatures from -10 to 43ºC. Electronically regulated expansion valve with a step motor for a precisely balanced refrigerant cycle.


  • Dalis Heat pump safety features

Automatic anti-legionella cycle. Thermal circuit breaker with auto-reset. 4-way valve defrosting. Safety thermostat. IPX4 rated.


  • A heat pump built to last

Submerged heating elements with enamelled steel tank, magnesium anode protector and 50mm rigid polyurethane foam insulation (CFC-free). 5 years guarantee on tank and 2 years on electronics.


  • Modern finish

Sleek grey finish with a digital control panel and LCD screen.

Aerothermic system (air source)

Submerged copper heating element

Vitrified steel tank

Protective magnesium anode

50 mm PU insulation

Low noise emission (53 dB)

Centrifugal fan

Anti-legionella disinfection cycle

With or without exchanger

Solar PV connection (optional)

24/7 programming

Comfort / Eco modes

Boost function

Thermal circuit breaker with auto reset

Installation kit sold separately

(*) Condition EN16147:2017 A7/W55. (**) Condition EN16147:2017 A7/W55. (***) Climate condition EN16147:2017 average.

Product Reference
A - Diameter 600 mm
B - Height (200 L | 260 L model) 1,721 mm | 2,011 mm
Power supply 1/N/230 V
Magnesium anode x 2
Compatible with heat exchanger Yes
Compressor Rotary
Coolant R134a
Gas load 900 gr
Heating time (h:min) (200 L | 260 L model) 08:59 | 10:15
Heating time boost mode (h:min) (200 L | 260 L model) 03:47 | 04:21
Average heat pump consumption (kW)* 0.43 | 0.466
COP** (200 L | 260 L model) 2.8 | 3.0
Nominal power 1,500 W
Maximum absorption 2.163 kW
Thermal power yield, prated (200 L | 260 L model) 1.1 kW | 1.2 kW
Annual average electricity consumption*** (200 L | 260 L model) 867 kW | 1,355 kW
Voltage 230 V ~
Nominal air capacity 314 m3/h
Protection grade IPX4
Finish Grey
EAN code - 200 litre model with exchanger 8435556139607
EAN code - 260 litre model with exchanger 8435556139584
EAN code - 200 litre model without exchanger 8435556139614
EAN code - 260 litre model without exchanger 8435556139591

Our guarantees are the best on the market.

Customer satisfaction always comes first for us, along with offering a high-quality product. That’s why this product is guaranteed for 5 years on the tank and 2 years on the electronics.


Technical Support

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