Rome WiFi Electric Water Heater: Unvented 80L/100L/150L

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The Rointe Rome connected unvented electric WiFi electric water heater is ideal for your domestic hot water needs. This hot water cylinder includes WiFi and home automation technology, for control over heating temperature, cost and consumption from your smartphone. Plus, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa.


Packed with features, this electric water heater has an exclusive thermal break system to reduce energy losses by up to 16% and a specially enamelled steel tank to protect against corrosion and water leaks.


This electric water heating system also includes important safety functions like anti-legionella and temperature evolution, where you can see the progress of water being heated. It has a magnesium anode, ceramic heating elements and CFC-free insulation foam, to ensure a reliable product that’s safe to use for hot water heating in any home.


· 2400 W | Load profile: M (80 L), L (100 L) and XL (150 L)
· Vertical installation (can be wall-mounted or floor supported)
· Anti-legionella and energy-saving functions
· Built-in WiFi and smartphone control
· Works with Amazon Alexa
· TFT screen and touch control panel
· Manual / Automatic function
· Thermal break system
· Enamelled steel tank with magnesium anode
· Size: 80 L – 470 (di) x 777 (h) mm, 100 L – 470 (di) x 967 (h) mm, 150 L – 470 (di) x 1,297 (h) mm
· Maximum working pressure: 8 bars
· ½” water connection
· Guarantee: 5 years tank | 2 years electronics
· Suitable for: 1 – 2 users (80 L & 100 L), 3 – 4 users (150 L)
· Requires Rointe installation kit (sold separately)

EAN code:

Rointe domestic hot water heaters are manufactured with high-quality components and include extended guarantees for your peace of mind.


Our new range of innovative water heaters are the ideal solutions to meet your domestic hot water needs. With advanced products including connected, digital, basic, compact and instant along with an air source heat pump. From special enamel to protect the interior tank to an exclusive thermal break system, we ensure their reliability under any circumstance. They include the latest advances in safety and consumption measurement.


The Rome connected WiFi water heater is an unvented, digital solution that also includes important safety functions like an exclusive thermal break system to reduce heat loss by up to 16%, plus anti-legionella function to protect against harmful bacteria. It includes a built-in WiFi module for control over temperature, consumption and cost via the Rointe Connect app for your smartphone to improve efficiency, as well as compatibility with Amazon Alexa.


The enamelled steel tank of this WiFi electric boiler has exceptional properties like corrosion and water leak prevention. Plus with a magnesium anode and ceramic heating elements to heat the water quickly, these safe and reliable hot water heaters provide maximum comfort combined with energy efficiency.  Mandatory installation kit sold separately.

E·life technology

It's the first direct communication system with real-time synchronization in electric heating. It allows a high speed connection without gateways between the Rointe Connect app and your heating product for complete control.

WiFi Inside

An integrated WiFi module, built into your Rointe heating product for direct data transmission between each product and your domestic WiFi network. You won't need intermediate devices or additional configurations.

Amazon Alexa

You can now control your connected products through Rointe Connect and Alexa. It makes managing your smart heating system even easier.​ Using just your voice, you can remotely control your Rointe connected heating system.

True Real Power

This integrated consumption meter collects and sends information on the real energy consumption of Rointe heating products to the Rointe Connect app for effective energy management.

Ceramic heating elements

Enamelled steel tank

Protective magnesium anode

Thermal break system: reduces heat loss by up to 16%

Control by smartphone

TFT screen with customisable colours

User mode: limit working temperatures

WiFi communication

Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Touch control panel

Manage cost and consumption anytime, anywhere

Manual / Automatic function

Anti-legionella function

Temperature evolution function

24/7 programming

Comfort / Eco / Anti-frost modes

Mandatory installation kit sold separately

Product Reference
A - Diameter 470 mm
B - Height (80 L | 100 L | 150 L model) 777 mm | 967 mm | 1,297 mm
C - Installed depth 487 mm
D - Distance between connections 100 mm
Load profile (80 L | 100 L | 150 L model) M | L | XL
Empty weight (80 L | 100 L | 150 L model) 25.2 kg | 28.4 kg | 38.5 kg
Water connection 1/2"
Nominal power 2,400 W
Voltage 230 V ~
Magensium anode
Maximum working pressure 8 bars
Tank insulation CFC-free polyurethane foam
Protection grade IP24
Finish: tank White
Finish: control panel Black
Product Reference - 80 litres model RWI080DHWC4
EAN code - 80 litres model 8436045913074
Product Reference - 100 litres model RWI100DHWC4
EAN code - 100 litres model 8436045913524
Product Reference - 150 litres model RWI150DHWC4
EAN code - 150 litres model 8436045913531

Our guarantees are the best on the market.

Customer satisfaction always comes first for us, along with offering a high-quality product. That’s why this product is guaranteed for 5 years on the tank and 2 years on the electronics.


Technical Support

If you have any problems with your product or if you need help, call our Technical Support team on 0203 321 5929, send us an email to or send a message using the form below. We will be in touch as soon as possible to help you.


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