We’re not just any old electric heating company. At Rointe, we meet all the challenges in the changing world of home heating technology with our unique WiFi controlled connected heating system that includes smartphone control and home automation.


This integrated system meets all your heating and comfort needs for both space and hot water, allowing you to control your entire heating system using WiFi from a single source like your smartphone or tablet.

WiFi controlled heating comfort


Our connected, WiFi controlled heating covers your all thermal needs, including space heating like radiators and towel rails, underfloor and hot water.


We can provide you with a complete heating system, connected together under one single control. It’s perfect for any property, combining style efficiency and comfort with easy management through the Rointe Connect app. You can even control your connected heating system using Amazon Alexa.

Rointe connected heating system of radiators, towel rails, underfloor and water heater controlled by Rointe Connect app

Choose your WiFi controlled products

The Rointe connected heating system includes our D Series radiators and towel rails, along with the Rome water heater for your hot water needs, plus the CT.2 thermostat for our underfloor heating solutions.

Possibly the best electric radiator in the world.

The D Series WiFi radiator stands out from the crowd, thanks to its advanced technology, high heat transfer thermal oil, high-quality aluminium body and smartphone control.


The exclusive design with heat dissipation fins favours natural convection, enabling it to reach the set temperature in record time.


The D Series radiator includes a built-in WiFi module for control over temperature, cost and energy consumption directly from your smartphone or tablet using the free Rointe Connect app.


It’s the perfect solution for your space or room heating needs and an essential product in our connected WiFi controlled heating range that you will love.

Efficient bathroom heating.

The D Series WiFi towel rail guarantees warmth and comfort for your bathroom, thanks to its functions and features.


Manufactured with high-quality materials and easy to install, the D Series heated towel rail has Class II protection and an exclusive boost function for up to 120 minutes of extra warmth.


Plus with built-in WiFi and the Rointe Connect app, you’ll have complete control over your bathroom heating wherever you are.

The Rome connected unvented water heater is ideal for your hot water heating needs.


It includes built-in WiFi for control over cost, temperature and consumption with the free Rointe Connect app, alongside an exclusive thermal break system to improve energy efficiency.


With an anti-legionella function and CFC-free insulation foam, this intelligent connected water heater is a safe and reliable hot water heating solution.

Rointe underfloor heating solutions can be intelligently controlled as part of your connected heating system with the CT.2 WiFi thermostat.


Save space, time and money by installing our underfloor heating and the CT.2 thermostat together for an invisible connected heating solution that provides soft and comfortable warmth.


Thanks to its WiFi connection, the CT.2 digital thermostat allows you to completely control Rointe underfloor heating systems from the Rointe Connect app, where and when you need it.

Discover the Rointe heating products and sizes you need for your installation in a few easy steps.

Smart control at the touch of a button

With the Rointe Connect app, you’ll have live control over all your connected heating products anytime, anywhere.

Control by smartphone

Complete control 24/7 through your smartphone, tablet or PC using the Rointe Connect app. Available for iOS and Android devices, plus a web platform.

Easy management

Adjust temperatures and lock products by installation, zone or individually by product. Advanced statistics reporting. Program different kWh prices per hour for cost management and savings.

Consumption meter

The TRUE REAL POWER meter installed in our connected heating product electronics allows you to manage the actual product consumption using the Rointe Connect app.

Easy setup

Helpful wizards to guide you through the process. Advanced weather forecasts. Help videos and tutorials available. Push notifications and alerts direct to your smartphone or tablet.

Download the Rointe Connect app now.

You can now control your Rointe WiFi controlled heating products through Amazon Alexa. It makes managing your smart heating system even easier.

There’s no need to approach your products or the control panel. Using just your voice, simply ask Alexa to perform your heating instruction like turning your water heater on or off, increasing your radiator temperature or activating a Rointe Connect Environment for your towel rails.

Woman asking Amazon Alexa to switch her Rointe heating system on

Why not talk to one of our team today to find out how our connected heating solution meets the needs of your heating project? You’ll discover optimized and intelligent comfort that your budget and customers will love.


The Rointe WiFi controlled heating system is ideal for large scale heating and suits all kinds of properties including hotels, offices and schools.

Zone Control

The Rointe Connect app gives you the ability to split your property into different zones for individual control over certain areas, e.g. floors in a hotel or rooms in an office. There's no limit on the number of linked products or number of rooms.

No gateways

Unlike other systems, the Rointe connected solution has a high-speed connection between the products and your WiFi router. It doesn't need additional gateways to communicate with the Rointe product, making installation easier and economical.

Remote locking

Keep your users safe with the remote lock function. You can lock products individually, by zone or by installations. This also helps prevent others from modifying the programming or temperature set, reducing the risk of excessive consumption.

Cost Management

You can easily manage the entire system from one central place, e.g. reception in a hotel or office. You can control the overall expenditure on a daily basis and know the actual cost of your heating system.

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