Insulation mat – for Erko underfloor heating

Composed of EP and aluminium foil, the Rointe Insulation Mat is designed for Erko underfloor heating installations in wood, parquet or laminate floors. Available to cover surface up to 25 m2, the insulation mat should be situated between the subfloor and the heating mat to reflect heat upwards.


· Resistant to heat loss
Increases energy efficiency of Erko underfloor heating.


· Light and thin
Only 6 mm thick and made of EP and aluminium foil with adhesive tape.


Compatible with: Erko


Trade price from £96 (excluding VAT).


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* Should be used in conjunction with Protection system – Erko underfloor heating.

EAN code:

Underfloor heating accessory – insulation mat for Rointe underfloor heating


Insulation system for Erko underfloor heating installations in wood, parquet, laminate, carpet, linoleum and vinyl floors. Made of EP and aluminium foil with adhesive tape.


Available to cover surface up to 25 m2.

Insulates by reflecting heat up

Light and thin

Water proof

Product Reference
Thickness 6 mm
Width 1,200 mm
Length 8,330 mm for 10 m2 coverage | 20,830 mm for 25 m2 coverage
10 m2: Product Ref | EAN Code ASLIU100 | 8436045918895
25 m2: Product Ref | EAN Code ASLIU250 | 8436045918901

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